Russian airpower

Today I got another nice package from my contact in the
town of Borås. The package contained 1 Mil-24 Hind, 2 Mi-8,
1 T-72 and 1 command Ural truck (ZIL).
All the models looks very good and they will come to use
when I will play skirmish during the cold war-era.
All the models are in the scale of 1:72.
The most tricky part in this project is to find descent plastic
russians in the same scale. The best figures are from Esci
and named Warzaw-pact troops but these are very hard to
find because they are out of stock everywhere.

Idag fick jag ännu ett trevlig paket från min kontakt i Borås.
Paketet innehöll 1 Mil-24 Hind, 2 Mi-8,1 T-72 och ett 1 ledningsfordon
av typen Ural (ZIL). Alla modeller kommer att komma till användning
när jag ska spela småslag som utspelar sig under det kalla kriget.
Alla modeller är i skala 1:72. Det svåraste är att få tag i vettiga
ryska figurer i samma skala. Mina favoriter är Warszawa-pakt soldater
från Esci men dessa tillverkas inte längre och verkar vara slut hos
alla som säljer liknande.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sounds like a very interesting project. Have you looked at Elhiems Soviet troops?
    Under Fire might also be of interest:

  2. Thankyou very much for this tip Thomas. The figures from Elhiem looked nice and I am really keen to buy some Ivans from this company.It would have been nice with some plastics though. :)