The KRW leads the way in SoTR

This weekend I played my first game of SoTR in Lund.
I played the germans and my friend Pär the russians.

We agreed on 50 points each to pick troops and support.
The setting was for my first time in a winter-scenery.

The ruins and extras were all very good and also very
inspirational. The russians Pär chose to play with were
a mixture of naval infantry and a Bren-carrier with a 
flamethrower. On top of these Pär had a medium mortar
and some anti-mech rifles. My chosing of troops are listed

Command squad 5p(1 staff sergeant, 1 leutnant, 3 skyttar ) 5 p

3 squads : 27 p
1 officer (pistol)
1 unter-officer
1 panzerfausts
1 LMG-squad
5 riflemen
2 Panzerschreck: 4p
Zombiehorde(10 figures) x2: 8 p
KäferRaketenWerfer (medium mortar):4 p
HMG: 3p
Light armour-platoon upgrade

The russian setup:
HQ (camouflage+elite)
1 Lt:        PPSH-K/SKS+Stalins fury+grenades
1 Cpl:      Sniper rifle+grenades
1 Com:    PPSH-K/SKS+grenades
1             Mech rifle+grenades
1             PPSH-A+grenades
1             PPSH-K/SKS+grenades

3x units(camouflage+elite):
1 sgt:      PPSH-K+Stalins fury+grenades
1 cpl:       PPSH-K+grenades
1             PPSH-A+grenades
1             Mech rifle+grenades
1             Packed Dushka´s+grenades
1             PPSH-K+grenades

4x mech rifle-units(camouflage+elite):
1 cpl:     Mech rifle+pistol+grenades
1            Rifle+grenades

4x Anti armour-units(camouflage+elite):
1 cpl:     RPG(medium AT)+pistol+grenades
1            Rifle+grenades

1 cpl:        medium mortar+pistol+grenades
1 loader:   Rifle+grenades
1 spotter:  Rifle+grenades
1 Ammo c.:Rifle+grenades

WASP-veteran (Flamer, VL, III (6/12/16)
1 sgt:   SMG
1          SMG

The game. On the first round Pär got the initiative and started

hitting my KRW. Two men out of four got hit by mortar-fire from
the russians. Then Pär moved one of his squads in the middle
of the table fitted with anti-mech rifles.
On my first turn I wanted to get a better position with my panzer-

schreckteam on my left flank. My tactic was to knock out the
Bren with the flametrower as soon as possible.
The rest of my squads moved all forward and also my two zombie-
squads. I tried to activate my remains of my mortarservice but failed...
On turn two the russians shot down my loader in my panzerschreck-
team on my left flank and the gunner went panic and hid in the nearby
ruin. The russians in the middle started fireing on my panzerschreck-
team placed in my center but missed but shot down two zombies.
The rest started to moved forward against my position and on the
right flank they reached a small stone-wall.
My second turn started very good and I managed to load and fire my
KRW against the russian opponents on my right flank and killed two of them
and forced the rest to withdraw back to the nearest threeline.
In the middle I fired through a small stonewall and inflicted som damage on
a antimech-rifle-team. On my left flank I moved quickly forward to avoid
exposing as little as possible.
The russians continued firing with mortars and riflefire but inflicted only

little damage.
On turn three the russians moved forward with the Bren carrier and
toasted two of my riflemen but the rest my right-flank squad held out.
In the middle the russians started to fire on my command-squad hidden
in a ruined building and forced my troops back and also continued moving
forward taking a tactical position. The mortars pounded some fire on my left flank and inflicted some more damage.
I directed almost all my fire on the left flank to knock the Bren carrier out

and it got halted. The rest of my troops returned fire but the game was 
over after the russian naval infantry reached its tactical position.
Pär won a tactical victory but it was a fair fight and very fun to play.
German lineup.

The russian mortar-team.(Painted by Pär)

Russian and german mortar-fire.

The position of all russians and germans.


The KRW is down but not out...

The russians reach their winning-position.

The evil Bren carrier is imobilized. :)

Soon we will play a re-match! I am looking forward to this.

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  1. Very nice and very impressive, I like especially the 'explanation map', your armies, and the buildings...Great work!

  2. Thankyou Phil. :) You are still the battle-report-master.