Great Finds, 1:72

This week I got a nice package from Germany
containing figures from both Linear-B and
Pegasus. Especially the figures from the
ukrainian company Linear-B was wanted.
I had bought the Age of tudors(012) and
Gladiators from Pegasus(No 7100).
The figures(1600th century) are hard to find
but I found them on BB-toys and they look
great and will come to use in my game Hugg och
slag as medieval noble civilians.
The gladiators are also nice and from BB-toys
they came real cheap. These latter figures will
be used in hand to hand skirmishes on the arena
of Colloseum(model).

Denna vecka så fick jag ett trevligt paket från
Tyskland som innehöll figurer från Linear-B och
Pegasus. Speciellt figurerna från den ukrainska
tillverkaren Linear-B var efterlängtad.
Jag köpte Age of tudors(012)och Gladiators från
Pegasus(No 7100). Figurerna som visar dräkter
från 1500-talet är svåra att få tag och jag tycker
att de ser bra ut och jag kommer att använda dom
i mitt spel Hugg och slag som medeltida civilister
av blått blod. Gladiatorerna är också fint modellerade
och såldes riktgt billigt på BB-toys. De senare figurerna
ska jag använda när jag spelar enviger som utspelar
sig på Colloseum(modell).

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9 kommentarer:

  1. You're are going to have fun with those, I love the monk with the stein of beer.

    1. Yes indeed.Thankyou for your comment Michael. :)

  2. The civilians look usable across quite a few periods (especially the women) and the gladiators look very historically accurate.

    1. Yes Joe. I "fell" in love with these figures at first glance. :) Thankyou for your comment.

  3. I hope they (Linear-b) make more tudors. The only real small error with the set is the beggars Walking stick...you can replace it with a pin though.

    1. Thankyou for your comment Paul. I have been looking for these figures but they are out of stock everywhere... :(
      Strelets are real nice and similar to Linear-B.
      I will convert the beggar very soon.Thanx for the tip.

  4. Nice looking miniatures.

    1. Thankyou for your comment Jonas. :)

  5. These are some very nice miniatures. I truly appreciate the thought behind the designs. (The same is true of Strelets 'Medieval Britain'.) It speaks to atmosphere rather than heroism. Naturally these figures are somewhat on the small scale for me, but I would love to find something like these in '28mm' 1:60 or 1:57. Thanks for posting these. :)