Four Karoliner ready to go...32 remaining

Today I have built my first 4 Karoliner-soldiers and
I feel pleased with this first step. I will convert
some of the poses to create more individuality.

I am not sure if I will manage to build the whole
company of 36 soldiers and also paint them before
I will travel to Copenhagen on 25-26th of october
but the goal is set. :)

Idag har jag byggt mina första 4 Karoliner och jag
är nöjd med resultatet. Jag kommer att konvertera
några av figurernas poser för att skapa mer individualitet på spelbordet. Jag är i nuläget inte säker på om jag kommer att hinna med att bygga, måla alla 36 soldaterna innan jag reser till Köpenhamn den 25-26 oktober men den som lever får se. :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looking forward to seeing these at DffCon! Mind you, we'll also be carrying the new Karoliner 28mm cavalry with us, and the rest of Warfare Miniatures range and flags for sale at the show - If you need some Swedish horse to secure your infantry flanks ;0)

  2. Thankyou Sören for this comment. :) Very interessting indeed.

  3. Mayby you should streamline the build and paint proccess in order to complete the miniatures. That way, they will be built and perhaps undercoated and then they are technically playable. If you undercoat in black you have hats and boots "for free". Then its just some blue and yellow.
    Do you have any particular regiment in mind when painting them?

  4. Thankyou Christian! Nice to hear from you my friend. Good tips.I will start building these chaps as soon I have some free-time. I will probably paint the
    soldiers as smålands regemente or Livlands. I will also convert som soldiers with pikes and to fire a gun. I still havent used the mould with the gun that I have borrowed from you but I will. :)