Fellow with the red hood got to go...

I made a find when I visited the local
red cross-fleemarket last weekend.
Next project will be a small church/chapel
and a cemetery with a small clocktower.

The clocktower on the pictures will be
converted with rooftiles and also a basing
with floortiles/stones and a wall and some
stairs.When the shading is made I reckon
the roof will look real good.

One more thing is that the small fellow
with the red hood will have to go to make 
room for a  more realistic feeling. :)

Jag gjorde ett fynd när jag förra helgen
besökte den lokala röda kors loppisen.
Nästa projekt kommer att bli ett litet
kapell/kyrka och en liten kyrkogård
med ett separat klocktorn.
Jag kommer att förse klocktornets två
nivåer med takpannor och en basplatta
med stenläggning och mur samt trappor.
Tror att klocktornet kommer att bli snyggt
när den får färg och skuggning.
En sista sak att åtgärda blir att avlägsna
den "snygga" men helt felplacerade tomten
eftersom jag vill skapa en mer realistisk
känsla. :)

8 kommentarer:

  1. Can't wait to see what you do with this!

    1. Thankyou for these words Michael.Today I made the basing.Eventhough I use a very hard catdboard the glue made it bend.Now I have glued another cardboard criss-cross to bend it back... This is a common problem when you make woodenplates with laminate but I didn´t think this would occur when you use small amounts of pva-glue...

  2. That's a very interesting piece and a good find I'm sure.

    1. Indeed Joe.Thankyou for making this comment. :)

  3. great project, i'm really interested in seeing the result!

    1. Thankyou Luca.I will keep you updated.Today I have made the basing and pavement and also the small surrounding walls.

  4. Good find! Made me homesick! This baby stands next to the public library in the little town where I grew up:

    Oh, and I opened the Christmas Present. There will be reports on the blog once I get round to using the stuff.

    1. Stort tack Thomas! :) I hope the things in the present will come to use in 2015. Very nice picture and also good inspiration.The churches and castles in your county is very beautiful.I guess scania was to near the former enemy(Denmark) to invest in bigger and more costly building projects back in those days.