A very nice donation

Last sunday a very kind person donated all
his collection of miniatures to the members
of our local gaming club. The collection ranged
from unopened boxes to bits. Bits is my favourite
because it makes my creativity flourish.
I also chose some figures for gaming in SoTR and
my future project Zombie Apocalypse.
The project Zombie Apocalypse will be a skirmish-
game in an environment similar to Mad max,
after the war and with zombies.
Finally the highlight of the choosing was bits to
my coming mecha-build and also three "nice"
black-priests to convert. I will also send out a big
thankyou very much to the nice person that donated
his collection!!!

Förra söndagen så skänkte en mycket snäll
person hela sin figursamling till medlemmarna i
vår lokala spel-förening.Samlingen sträckte sig
från oöppnade förpackningar till bits.Bits är min
specialitet eftersom dessa små "guldbitar" får min
kreativitet att flöda.Jag valde även ut några figurer
för spel i SoTR och mitt kommande projekt
Zombie apocalypse.Projektet Zombie apocalypse
kommer att bli ett spel som utspelar sig i en
miljö liknande Mad max, efter kriget och med zombies. 

Slutligen vill jag understryka höjdpunkterna i mitt val dvs 
bits till mitt kommande mecha-bygge och tre "trevliga"  
svarta präster att konvertera.
Vill även avsluta med att skicka ut ett stort tack så
mycket till den vänliga själ som skänkte sin samling!!!

12 kommentarer:

  1. Looking forward to see more of the zombie apocalyse ;)

    1. Thankyou for this comment.It wasn´t I that came up with this project-name. We are a group of 5 in this project.We are also planning to make rules for cars and to offer the players to equip them similar to the game-system in SoTR and its mechas.
      I will keep you updated.

  2. Svar
    1. Yes indeed András. :) Thankyou for this comment.

  3. wow, great gift with many interesting pieces!
    can't wait to see what you'll do with them!

    1. Thankyou for this comment Luca. I will keep you updated. Ciao. :)

  4. Can never have too much in the bits box! The motorbikes are a good donate.

    1. Indeed Mark. The bikes are nice and I am now looking for a creative way to add two riders.Thankyou for this comment.

  5. A very generous gift! I look forward to seeing that you do with all the these bits. Especially the dune buggy-thingy looks like it could be put to good use.

    1. Indeed Thomas.I will keep you updated.The dune-buggy will probbably be some kind of Mad-Max-inspired vehicle to the project Zombie Apocalypse.Tack för kommentaren. :)

  6. definitely intrigued by your project Zombie Apocalypse! I like the mignatures you choose, now I'm looking forward to see how you'll work on them :)

    1. Thankyou for the inspiration and the comment Fed. :) I will keep you updated.