How to make your own camo-net, 28mm scale

I have been planing to make my own camo-net for
years but somehow I haven´t put any effort in this
project until now.
The final push was when I was giving blood about
two weeks ago. At the blood-central I got some
band aid and when I peeled it of I thought to myself
that: hey this is actually real gauze. :)
The gauze was only used to hold a small piece
of band aid fixated so it was almost untouched and
no traces of blood.
First thing was to give it a dark ground-colour and
I used water based paint for this and made a mixture
of dark brown, black and dark green and drenched
the gauze and left it for soaking over night.
When it was completely soaked I cut it in small pieces
with a pair of scissors but a sharp knife is also up
to the task.Next step is to drape the small pieces of
gauze on my vehicle. I decided to use the camo-net to
give it more character and also to make it look more
taken from active service.When placed all the gauze
on the vehicle I let it dry for 3-4 hours. To fixate the
gauze I used pva that is mixed with water (pva 40%
and water 60%).If you think that it will not stick just
add more glue and to apply it on the gauze I used a
standard brush and soaked it thoroughly.
I have tried to imitate the standard camo-net I was

using during my service at the Royal engineers and I
am quite satisfied with the result. Tomorrow I will
publish a report with the painted and finished model.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much for this comment Luca.I think the camo-netting will appear more often in my modelprojects from now.

  2. Unusual, creative and nice!

    1. Merci beaucoup mon ami. :) Satisfait des résultats.Pas difficile de fabriquer lui-même!

  3. That's a great result, very clever.

    1. Thankyou Michael.It was also fun to build.Always interessting to start with a carte blanche and let the project begin.

  4. Great use if the gauze and camo pieces, it gives a very effective camo net.

    1. Indeed it is Joe.Thankyou for making this comment. :)