New mobile storage

Today I made a nice find at the local Jula-store.
I bought a bag in aluminium with movable
compartments for storage.
This purchase will come handy when I will
play a Mega-battle in the game WH 40k on
the third of january.
The bag is also fitted with a shoulder-strap.
I can really recomend this bag and I will
also fit it with soft foam rubber to protect
the figures and models inside.
The price was 40 Euro and this was a really
nice price because I like this bag a lot. :)
The articlenumber is: 663016
The homepage is www.Jula.se

2 kommentarer:

  1. What a great find, having the abilty to make the compartments the size you require is a big bonus too.

  2. Indeed it is Joe! I had a bigger portable rack earlier and this was kind of heavy and not so convenient as this one.The earlier version is still in use but I really like this one and with this one I will probably blend in as an adult!? ;)