WH40k - Megabattle 2016

On the third of january I was invited to my friend Mikael
for a game of WH40k. The setup was huge in any way and
we were 6 players and the points were set to 3000 points
each. I only reached 1200 points with my light armed Cadian
forces and I pimped my troops heavily. :)
The defender was me, Olle and Mikael and we played

a coalition of orcs and my light company of Cadians(traitors
of the emperor in this game).
The attacker was Marcus, Karl and Peter and they chose
a imperial force with bikes, heavy tanks and walkers.
Once we had placed all the models and the figures on the
big table it was a impressing sight indeed!
To make the game even more impressive both sides had
access to airsupport (both heavy and light).

The objectives were simple and it was to hold or take the
orkish positions and the battles raged back and forth.
The most intense fighting was in the center to take the
orkish-stronghold. To prevent the imperial-attacker from
take their objectives Mikael had three big "orc-stompas"
armed to the teeths and also filled with troops inside.
The attacker also dropped terminators behind the defenders
front and tried to overrun the orcish HQ for an easy victory
but eventhough the defenders were not so strong in support-
vehicles they held them at bay.
Eventhough it was a fun game to play it took a lot of time
to move all the forces and after 5 hours of active playing
my allergy told me to go home and I withdraw.
To summarize the imperial force would have won the battle
but with how high casualities no one knows.
I want to thank Mikael again for the great hospitality and it
was really fun to witness this game and all the impressive
models. I can´t think of a better start in 2016 for my
hobby. :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Wow amazing looking game. Great work :-)

  2. Impressive collection of miniatures.

    Nice to see your guardsmen out for a spin.

    1. Thankyou Jonas. Impressive indeed!The sum of money of all the figures were really huge and the time and effort to paint and make the presentable were also some of a kind.