Paint and tower

Last week my friend invited me and some friends
for a evening at his house.The agenda was to socialize 
and to paint and I think we managed both. :)
I painted my pirates and eventhough they are far
from finished it was nice to get started.
When I was starting my journey home Peter halted me
and gave me a gift. The gift was two GW-towers.
One of them was straight forward to build but the
other one was in pieces and also glued together
and never finished. This tower must be renovated
before assembly because it is a bit tweaked.
The item that I was most happy about was the
sprue with doors because this will come handy
when making my medieval village.
A very nice gift indeed!
Thankyou Peter. :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. You truly have a very thoughtful friend

    1. Indeed Joe. Thankyou for making this comment. :)

  2. That is a fabulous gift, I'm sure you will do a great with them.

    1. Indeed but I wonder why GW didn´t make the tower in sections!? Thankyou for making this comment. :)