Road to nowhere Part 1

This weekend it has been swedish national holiday and it is
called Midsummer. The weather was lovely and offered the
chance to celebrate under the clear blue sky.
I have also managed to acquire some left overs from grey/black-
desktop. This material is ideal for making desktops and
5mm thick with a mesh of threads underneath.
The material is easy to cut and the surface almost feels like
paved road. I have also made templates and converted them
to pdf. When I printed the templates I made a first sample 
but this was not accurate and I adjutsed the pdf-print to 101%
and then it was spot on. The width of the road is 95mm and 
my modelcars are 35mm and this offer the road to have two
lanes. Next step is to cut all the parts clean from leftovers
and after that I will stripe them. I am also planning to make

small parts with striped pedestrian-crossing-points.
To outline my templates on the desktop I have used a
simple whiteshaded-pencil.

Feel free to contact me if you want me to send you the pdf-
templates by E-mail. This is the first report out of two about
the manufacturing of roads. To be continued.  

6 kommentarer:

  1. That look like a very interesting material to work with, would it also work as a gaming mat ?

    1. Desktop is versatile and strong but the surface can be vulnerable for some kind of scratches.I think that it would function as a gaming-mat but when not in use it must me stored on a flat surface to prevent a permanent bend.Thankyou for this comment Joe. :)

  2. Looking good! I am working on country roads using felt and latex rubber at the moment, I'll do a post once they are finished. It will be very interesting to see how your roads turn out.

    1. Stort tack kompis.I am also looking forward wathing these roads finished and they will also be a nice complement to my medival roads that is a side-project.Good luck with your project and keep posting. :)

  3. Looks promising. Cheers/ Jonas

    1. Stort tack Jonas. You once told me that to buy is to save time and I agree but building your own scenery is more fun. :)