40k-Tournament Part 1

Last Saturday I got a nice visit from my friends Olle and Christian.
We agreed to play a tournament in the game of Warhammer 40 000.
First to play were me and Christian. Christian played 1000 points
of Mordian iron guard and I played the Astra militarium.
This was my first time testing 4 tanks to support my troops and
I had two flamer-tanks to back me up and also on heavy tank
named Leman Russ.
On the first round my first flamer-tank got hit by the Mordian
artillery and was knocked out.
My flank-troops started to advance both on the right and the 
left but they all moved slow. Next round I unloaded my
heavy support-squad in the centerbuilding to start dividing
my enemy into two but they never made any progress...
My Leman Russ was brave and halted two tanks for a long
time but was knocked out in the last round.
On the southern flank my troops advanced in the factory
but the Mordians received more troops and welcomed
a Walker and this "mecha" was a tough opponent and halted
my move.
The only part of the front that achieved any progress was the
north and they moved into the castle and up on the walls and
knocked out some enemies by throwing handgranades on them.
The game was fun but it was to slow eventhough I had both
APC and tanks. A lot of time was paid to move through 
ruins and alleys. Six rounds is way to short if you choose
to fight in an urban area. It was nice to display most of my
scenery and also to test my new vehicles. I also want to thank
Christian and congratulate him to a Mordian victory!  


The gaming-table

Troopmovements and clashes

Fighting in the factory(before the arrival of the walker)

Leman Russ(Astra M) is knocked out and Mordian victory

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like a wonderful day's gaming.

    1. Indeed it was and we also had a lovely dinner in the garden between the rounds.Thankyou very much Michael for the comment.

  2. Great report and great pics!

    1. Grazie mile Luca. When I make the reports the tactics become even more visible and it is a nice experience when you evaluate.