Bolt action-My first game ever

Last sunday I was invited for a test-game in Bolt Action by
my friend Peter. The points were set to 1000 points each and
the participants were a total of 5.
I and two other players(Andreas,Henrik) chose to play the russians
and our opponents were Peter and Mikael that chose the finns and

germans. The sideboards at Peters were filled with good
 refreshments and after the game we also ended up at dinner-table. 

The objective of the gamewas to take the crossroads and also to find
a missing 
document that was hidden somewhere at the scenery.
Any fraction that placed figures adjactent to a crossroad at the
endturn controlled the crossroad.
The game was set to 300points to each player for a start and
got reinforced with more troops each round until all figures and
models were placed on the gaming-table.
The russian tactics were very defensive and this was because
we thought that the axis would put in more armour at the end
of their setup but we made a false calculation.
Eventhough the advance for the russians was slow we managed 
to occupy two buildings and take three buildings and got a
total score of 7 points and the axis only 6 points.
A russian victory was celebrated eventhough it was a close one.
This was a very nice testgame of Bolt action and I liked using
the BA-dices very much becuse the game became very clear
for an overview.
I will end this battlereport with sending out a big thankyou to
Peter for holding this test-game and also for his great hospitality
and nice dinner.Looking forward for a new game very soon.

11 kommentarer:

  1. What a great looking set-up and game. Your're very lucky to have such a wonderful host and friends to game with.

    1. Thankyou very much Joe.I am really blessed!

  2. That looks like a fabulous game and wonderful hospitality too.

    1. Indeed.The game was great.Thankyou very much Michael.

  3. Great looking game Peter.

    1. Stort tack för denna kommentar Jonas. :)

  4. It's always great to read your reports, it's like being there!

    1. Grazie mile Luca.This was a very, very nice compliment.I have tried to recreate the gamesession as good as I can and it seems to me that I have succeded in this. :)