sharks and automobiles

Last weekend me and my family visited the local
second hand market and I made some real nice
finds. I now feel that I have enough cars to start
converting and to play postapocalyptic games in a 
"grim dark future". On the pictures you can
see my complete collection of vehicles for this.
The thought of playing Mad Max-influenced 
scenarios in ruined urban scenery has always
been a nice setup for me.
At the market I found another shark (I now have
4) to use for my pirate-games.
A very cheap and useful find was the 28mm rail-
road-tracks and this will give the right feeling
when painted and glued to some base with dirt
and grass. I got a lot of tracks and only paying
3 Euros. The railroad will look good together
with my roads that I made before the summer
after they have been marked with some white
paint. Another ongoing project is to make 
some scratchbuilt mechas and I found a pair of
tracks to use as "legs" for a "terminator-mecha".
A big truck will be made out of a SUV and a
container and this will be a nice conversion when
it is done. Finally I will "pimp" my mercedes
from the eigthies with some steelplates and 
rivets and maybe a MG or ram. :)

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  1. I can't wait to see what you do with these bits, especially the sharks.

    1. Thankyou very much Michael.I will keep you updated.That is a promise! :)