X-mas gifts for myself

After being a father for the second time I am probably not
designated to get more gifts this year but decided to bend
the rules just a little bit... :)
I have been looking for these 10 bikers from West wind for  
a long time and also the nuns and the townfolks from the
same manufacturer and now I took the final step.
The bikers will bring a lot of nice gameplay in the Fallout-
skirmish and it will also bring a lot of more dynamic.
I am quite pleased with the look of the bikers and the
equipment looks nice and I will probably make this
figures right out of the box with no conversions.
The townfolks are really nice figures and they will be
used in pirate-skirmish-games.

The nuns will be used together with the preacherman 
waving the cross and I am curious how they will look
with some lick of paint.
The rest of the townfolk could be used both on land and
as captains or seafolks.
Finally I also bought some special characters for post-
apocalyptic gameplay from EM-4. These two figures looks
really good and menacing as badguys.
To top all these buys I also bougth some second hand figures
from Games workshop together with extra bits.
As always it is more fun to buy bits and odd-stuff and this
was also the case in this buy.
Most of the figures can be used in Fallout-skirmish but
the Cadian flag-bearer will be used in Warhammer 40k.
The figurer with the overcoat missed the front end of his
rifle and I will convert the reamaining part to a rocket-
launcher to be able to knock out combat cars and other
vehicles and mechas.
The bits I used first was the arm with the sabre and the coat
to make sea-captain to be played in a pirate-setting.
Alltogether some really nice Christmas gifts for me. :)

Today I went shopping with my wife and we also made a
quick stop at the cheap-store to buy some extra things for
the household. There I found three really cheap policecars.
They are excellent for conversion and will be used in
Fallout-skirmish. I will most likely repaint them and make
new markings and add some bumbers and extra equipment
to make them look more realistic. A great find indeed. :)

9 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Thankyou Michal.The "pirate-captain" is inspired by your polish noble-men.I really like the shade-work on your figures and I will try to imitate your technique on this figure.

  2. Excellent choices, love the townfolks and nuns!

    1. Indeed my friend.It was the nun that persuaded me to make this X-mas buy! :) Thankyou very much.

  3. Gift to oneself re always the best ones!
    Nice selection, should keep you going for a while if you ever get the time and I'm just a tad jealous of the bikers!

    1. He, he! :) Indeed Joe. The bikers will be nice both building, painting and gaming.Thankyou very much my friend.

  4. Good finds, especially the nuns. I do have a soft spot for nuns (in 28mm, mind) :-)

  5. Indeed Joakim.It was the nun-figures that persuaded me to this buy. I am planning to build both a scenery of a monastery and a church in the future.Thankyou for making this comment. Om du vill ha lite mer nunne-inspiration för pulp-spel så finns det denna film att titta närmare på.Om den är bra vet jag inte men bara titeln är lite småkul! :) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1352388/

    1. hahahahahaha!
      Ojojoj, den där måste jag skaffa till en av gängets videokvällar (ja, vi började när videokasetten var kung). Det verkar som gjord för att vara kvällens sista film :-D