Fow-gifts and goodies

A couple of weeks ago I was offered to pick up some
hobby-related items from my friend Peter.
I had asked him that I was looking for the old armylist
for battle of Berlin 1945 (Fow second edition) and
he told me that for him it was old stuff and not
usable anymore. I also got a lot of other gifts and
to express my feeling I was really happy.
To name some of the items: complete ruleset of
Fow 2nd and 3rd edition,tankobstacles, bits,
runestones and sandbag-stronghold.
Thankyou very much Peter!!!


First sceneries for a pirate-harbour

Last week I made some really nice finds to 
my pirate-skirmish-project. It costed me
only 3 Euros second hand and the condition
of these pieces are really good.
A friend of mine told me that these items
are from the playmobil range but the scale
doesn´t show and it will fit in perfectly after
some extra work. I am planing to make
a rocky base for my watch-tower and inside
I will make a stone-pavement to be able to
post a naval-cannon.
The very top of the watchtower will also be
fitted with a larger-base to be able to place
figures as guards or scouts.
The prison-fortress will be fitted with a 
upper compartment and also a roof.
The lower-compartment will be fitted with
a opening to be able to fit a naval gun
inside.Squares are already made on two
sides so the placing of these openings are
already decided. The last find is a very toy-
like small island and I am not sure what to
use this for or how to convert it.Maybe I will
figure out this later.The baseplate to this island
is very useful only to glue on some sand
and place as a small obstacle or scatterterrain.
Very great finds indeed and now I only need to
make some islands and a small village and a harbour. :)


Industrial crane and shelters

During my search for useful terrain for my hobby I
have stumbled over some more nice find.
For only a sum of 5 Euros I got a crane and a recoil-
less gun and finally a boat. I also found some fences
that will be upgraded to palisades.The tank on wheels
will be used as a desired watertank in Fallout skirmish.
All of these are very useful and I Think the crane will
look really nice with some paint.
I will also scratchbuild a horizontal "arm"

to mount on the crane for the right look.
The tubes are made of ø110mm drain-pipes that
are cut into two. They will be shelters and fitted
with doors and windows. The pipe is made of
plastic and I will sand the surface to make the
paint stick better. All the shelter-models will be
mounted on top of bases and I will make a cutout
in the plate to be able to fit the figures inside.
A new report will soon be published showing these
projects above completed.


Trenches and sandbags

In my plans to build up useful scenery to my future games
I have now completed 3 strongholds with sandbags and

trenches. I bought 3 plastic toys on second hand and
decided to make use of these for some weeks ago.
The camonet is once again gauze that is dipped in pva
and then mounted on top of the obstacles.
On the last picture you can see how it looked before
the paintjob started.
I am quite pleased with the result and is looking forward
using them on the gaming-table.


A new mecha to the russians

When I bought my Cadian-pack second hand I also found
a mecha that I couldn´t resist.It only cost me 5 Euros and

the decision was not to hard to make. :)
It will be used to my russians in the game Secrets of the
third reich and as you can see it will give a lot of support
to the ground troops (PBI).
I also chose to repaint it and the pictures show the mecha
before and after.The mecha is still work in progres and
I will add more shading and details and also rust and
finally some russian markings.I have also made some work
on the base and the bricks are cutout from the plastic
blisters. Great fun indeed.


Imperial guard and police

My life is rather hectic right now but I am still struggling.
I am trying to get more freetime for my hobby but the 
priority for this i rather low at the moment.
Two weeks ago my friend David offered me to buy some 
second hand Imperial guards from Games workshop.
This was a nice offer and the price was very resonable.
For 15 Euros I got supportweapons for my Cadians and
also some specialcharacters. I will make the support-
weapons modular and use both Lascannons and Autocannons
and this will give me a extra punch on the gaming table.
I will also make use of the heavy weapons to scratchbuild
some mechas for the game Secrets of the third reich.
The most of the standing figures will be used in Fallout skirmish
but also be converted to policemen and riotpolice.

I am planning to start a project that will get the
title Law and order and for this I need some good
guys because bad guys I already have in my collection.