My original FoW-collection

My recent reports has been about my new buy
of russian tanks and infantry to Flames of war
but this project has started much earlier than this.
I bought a Strelkovy battalion in 2013 and some
extras but all has been laying on the shelf inactive
for a long time. The reason has mainly been that
is a lot painting and basing to do.
In my "old" collection I have this:
1 KV-1
1 T-34/85
1 IS-2
3 BM-13 Katyusha (rocket launcher)
3 Zis-5 (truck)
3 IL-3 Sturmovik

1 Heavy mortar unit
1 Mortar company
1 Tank-rider unit (for 10 tanks)

In 2015 I decided to start building a counterforce
to play games on the Manchurian-front between
the russians and the imperial japanese army.
I bought :

1 Hohei chutai (company with 108 figures)
1 Nikihaku teams (pioneer-units)

I must say that I know to little about this front and
need to study the history to know what to buy for 
my japanese counter-force.
The scenery will be very interessting and rocky and
fun to play.
On my first picture below you can see that I have been 
working on how to storage my growing collection
to Flames of war and on the right my oldest daughter
follow my project very closely. :)

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