Cars and mug

Yesterday I visited my local second hand
store on my way home from work.
I discovered these two cars that really
will fit into the Post Apocalypse-scenery.
I will repaint them and also make some
fittings for my modular weaponsystem.
I think both cars are slightly oversized
but they will do anyway.

I also found a very useful dice-mug in
leather and all this for only 4 Euros.
A nice summer-bargain indeed.


Another ruin for urban warfare

Looking at my shelfves in my "man-cave" I soon
realized that I need a lot more housing and ruins
to be able to offer more diverse gaming at home.
This friday I started my vacation and I have also
managed to get some free-time between taking
care of my two lovely daughters and my big
building project at home.
This building/ruin will be used for urban warfare
and I am planning to place it along a street
in the town-center.The inspiration is some kind
of office-building. I have used cardboard, poly-
styrene, match-sticks and cutouts from cardboard-
board-boxes(roof-tiles).Next report will show the
model in paint. Have a nice summer out there
because here in Sweden it is only raining...