Tanks to convert and more cover

This week I started working again after a vacation filled
with a lot of fixing on our house. Due to my injury in my
right arm I haven´t been so active in my hobby and
I am still trying to recover and the healing-process is very

slow because I work a lot on the computer at work.
Eventhough my body is not 100% I am still thinking about
my hobby and on wednesday I stopped by on my way
home at the local second-hand-shop and made some

more usable finds. For only 2.5 Euros I found three curved sand-
bag-covers, two Abrams M1 tanks, a top-sign.
The covers will be fitted with camo-nets and also roofs and
be used primarily for heavy support-weapons.
The two tanks looks good but I think they are a bit small to
be used for 28mm and I will probably convert them and fit them
with bigger turrets to make the look more "right".
I will scratch build these turrets and I will make several 
versions to be used for different scenarios. One way to go
is to make them look more russian in the game: Secrets of the
third reich and add rivets and plates etc.
The last find is a top-sign that I will use for a future house-
model-project and when I noticed it in the shop I got inspiration
to make a city hall or some kind of administrative building.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Indeed Jay. Thankyou very much.

  2. The Abrams look superb (if a little small for 28mms) and you can't go wrong with the sandbags emplacements.
    The building 'top' looks like the "Daily Planet" (Superman) - great find.

    1. I really like the tanks and now I have tested to add a distance to make them higher and it looks o.k for weird world II.I will probably build a newspaper-office-ruin with this detil.Thankyou very much for the info about this bit and comment this report Joe.