Ghosts and barns

After a long time of absence I have now started to
work my way back. Last report was kind of down
because of my and my family-situation.
Now we are still struggeling but we have moved
to a new home and all items are at location.
Before moving I managed to both visit the local
second hand market and buying som miniatures 
from an old friend.
The figures are from Mantic and GW and will
be used for WHFB and my growing Vampire
count-army. For only 30 Euros I got a ghost and
30 skeletons in armour and 10 crypt ghouls.
I  really like the figures and with som lick of paint
they will look great.
Next find are a windmill and a small storage-cottage
and they are in the same scale and look as my
earlier finds. For only 1 Euro each they were very 
cheap too. At the bottom you can see the rest of 
my collection. Now I have a total of 2 windmills, 1
big barn and 3 small cottages(grain-storage).

All figures and buildings will fit to the 28mm-scale.
Next plan in my life is to make some order in our 
cellar and build my new "man-cave" and start
planning my new gaming-room that is placed next
by. I am really looking forward completing this
plan and start working on my projects again.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Another very nice shopping trip!

  2. Indeed Jay and the are very useful finds too.I have discovered that I really need to make some dusty dirt roads.
    Thankyou my friend.

  3. Great to see you're back bloggimg again and with some great finds too.Hope we get to see your 'man-cave' (I hate that term)as you make progress towards its completion.

    1. Thankyou very much Joe.It is really great to finally get back on track.Next month I will also visit a fair that will display 3d-printers and this will maybe be a purchase for my "lab" when it is finished!?