Empire en masse

Last weekend I visited my friend Peter and
bought a lot of bits and also a bunch of
GW Empire figures. The primarily objective
with this buy was to get more medieval riders
for my future medieval-siege-campaign but also
figures to convert for my pirate-game.
Some of the figures will be converted to
sailors and also townfolk and this will be a
fun task to do. The total number of riders
are 29 horses and 27 riders and that will
be a impressive storming-force on the 
gamingtable. In addition to these riders I
also have another 12 riders from Deus vult.
The total price was 54 Euro and that is a
bargain if you also consider the excellent
paintjob on the yellow and blue figures.
Finally I will use the yellow and blue soldiers
to guard the fort in the pirate-skirmish-game
and the cannon will be converted to give
the pirates ground-support when storming
on land. A nice find indeed.



Last weekend I visited my friend Peter for a 
buy of GW Empire figures.Together with this buy
I also got a lot of usable bits that I will primarily
use for my headhunters and pirates/sailors.
Among these bits I also got a set of treasure-
coffins! :) Perfect for all kinds of skirmishes
that will take place in pirate/medieval-settings.
It gave me a lot of inspiration just taking
these photographs and I hope that I will inspire
you too. In my next report I will also present
my Empire-figures that I bought.


Headhunters and pirate-captains

This week I bought some figures at Alpha-games
here in Sweden. They had sale and some of the
figures I bought were really cheap.
I had been looking on these figures for some time
and one of my friends sent me an sms and
gave me a tip that now was the time to order.
I chose to buy some pirates that will be my
special-characters in the pirate game:
Blood and bounty. Some of the figures are
really nicely detailed and will play the pirate-captains.
I also bought a package(30) of cheap zulu-warriors
and I will  convert them to headhunters and
indian-tribes men in the pirate-game.
My plan for these headhunters are that all the
players in the game will roll a dice each round 
and the one that get the 6 will control them.
This will make the pirate-game unpredictable
and also more fun in my opinion.
I will convert the figures and make them very
colour-full and a mix of several features from
different tribes.
The rating of these zulu-warriors are 3 out of 5
and I think the details could be more "crisp" and
the poses are also a bit static. Other figures from
WGF are really nice and they come with a lot
of extra bits but not in this package...
The box is nice and also the graphics and this is
a improvment if you look at earlier releases
from this company but the priority must be the
content before the packaging...
Finally I bought 4 soviet zombies and also 4
soviet zombie bombs to the game: Secrets of the
third reich by West wind miniatures. 
The pirates are manufactured by Black scorpion
and the zulu-warriors by Wargames factory. 
All the figures are in the scale of 28mm.