First scatterterrain finished

This morning I finished the last paintjob on
my first scatterterrain-building out of three.
I am pleased with the bricks and think this
model will be useful on the gaming-table.
I have used cheap grey waterbased paint
as a base and GW-paint on the details.
Next will be a low factory warehouse.
Have a nice weekend


Another ruined brickbuilding

After finishing my factory I felt that I needed some
more brickbuildings to make my factory-complex
complete.This is the first building out of three
scatter-terrains. The main idea with this model is
to act as a stronghold use for a buildup or host
for snipers and observers.I will also make a low 
long factory and a warehouse.
All will be more or less ruined and with bricks. 
Working with tiles and making facades with 
bricks is fun and when highlighting they look 
great. These pictures show the first ruin unpainted 
and a second report is soon to be publish. 
I hope these pictures give you some inspiration 
to start making brick-buildings yourself.


sharks and automobiles

Last weekend me and my family visited the local
second hand market and I made some real nice
finds. I now feel that I have enough cars to start
converting and to play postapocalyptic games in a 
"grim dark future". On the pictures you can
see my complete collection of vehicles for this.
The thought of playing Mad Max-influenced 
scenarios in ruined urban scenery has always
been a nice setup for me.
At the market I found another shark (I now have
4) to use for my pirate-games.
A very cheap and useful find was the 28mm rail-
road-tracks and this will give the right feeling
when painted and glued to some base with dirt
and grass. I got a lot of tracks and only paying
3 Euros. The railroad will look good together
with my roads that I made before the summer
after they have been marked with some white
paint. Another ongoing project is to make 
some scratchbuilt mechas and I found a pair of
tracks to use as "legs" for a "terminator-mecha".
A big truck will be made out of a SUV and a
container and this will be a nice conversion when
it is done. Finally I will "pimp" my mercedes
from the eigthies with some steelplates and 
rivets and maybe a MG or ram. :)

Mecha ace and dragons

After completing my factory I re-painted some cheap
dragons to use them in my own game Hugg och slag
and my Secrets of the third reich mecha ace:
Konstantin Samokhin. I liked the toy-dragons but
the very light green was not so nice in my opinion
and I went for a darker tone with highlights.
I am pleased with the result and here are some
inspirational pictures.


Factory completed

Last weekend I completed my factory with paint and some additional
details. I have added cables for my lamps and I think this add some
extra feeling to the model.
I also made a gate with two doors to fill the opening in the building
and this is also a plus (thankyou Joe for the comment).
I am not sure if the pictures are good enough but the windows are
made like sandwich and in three layers: cardboard, 2mm clear
acrylic plastic and cardboard(corrugated).
This was a fun model to build and I also feel that I got the rust
and the colours right.
To summarize I have used cardboard, blue polystyrene, plastic
tooth-picks, wooden plantsticks, small metalmesh for ventilation
and plastic leftovers from cannisters used for washing laundry.
The ventilation on the roof is made of plastic-corks for juice-
cannisters and the handles are metal buttoms used for clothing.
I will primarily use this model for 40k but also for SoTR and
Bolt action and post apocalyptic games.
Have a nice weekend. :)


Factory finished for painting

Finally I have now finished my factory-build and the 
result is quite nice.
Left to do is to put some base-coating and then finalize 
with a "lick of paint"(I qoute my friend Joe).
I started this project with a vision to have a factory on my 
gaming-table in july when some friends came for a visit to 
play a campaign of Warhammer 40k. The factory was far from 
finished when my friends arrived but it still proved its place and 
game me some more inspiration to use when my 
project progressed. I have used almost only left-overs and this 
is the fun part, to make something out of nothing. 
The base is 10mm carboard (I don´t use anyting thinner 
because it will bend if you glue anything on top of it). 
The big accumlator tank is a paperroll-cylinder 
and 5mm thick in dimension and coated with corrugated paper. 
The house is originally a cardboard-box that contained a clock.
The horizontally mounted tank on the back of the building is a 
toilet-paper-roll with internal support made of polystyrene. 
The big pipe placed on the side of the building 
and the chimney are  also paperroll-cylinders used for 
wiping-paper in the kitchen. The roof is manufactured out of 
3 mm cardboard and coated with corrugated paper 
and used big wooden tindersticks. The base of the chimney and 
also the top is made of holders and plastic profiles from 
cannisters used for washing laundry.
All the rivets are made out of cutdown plastic toothpicks. 
The cylindrical housing on top of the roof are corks taken 
from Juice-cannisters and the handles are leftovers 
from metalbuttoms used for textile clothing.The ladders are 
all cutdown from plant-sticks. Finally I have made a ventilator-
housing out of my daughters cork taken from
The bricks on the house and the chimney are all cut out of 
polysterene and glued with pva. Some critics think that the 
method of cutting down each brick by hand is 
to time-consuming but I like it and I think the look of the build up 
looks very rough and industrial. Finally I have made lamps out 
of the hat from a pen and the electrical is metalthread with plastic-
coating.The grass is left overs from artificial football-grass 
made for interior use. The basing is a mixture of sand and pva. 
The only thing that I am a bit curious about  is that I am not sure 
if I should make a gate with two doors or not!?