Trucks for multiuse

Last week me and my friend Olle visited the local secondhand-shop
to buy some extras for the Halloween. Olle got lucky and me too. :)
I found two identical trucks for only 2 Euros each.
First I will repaint the trucks in a "neutral colour" than can
be used by many participants
These trucks  will be very useful and I plan to make a modular rear
section both with and without cover-top.
The cover-top will be built in three versions: russian, german
and one with no markings for Fallout skirmish and modern warfare.
The cover-tops will be built using matchsticks and thin wooden
icecream-handles for the frame.The "textile" will be built using
thick papernapkins that will be applied using pva-glue and
wrapped on the frame. I am not sure if I also will build a module
with AA-guns or a 
heavy machine-gun or maybe a
multiple rocket-ramp!? :)

NB! The plastic cover-top is just to illustrate the size and
will be replaced with the ones described in the text above.


Creatures of the sea

I am living a very hectic life for the moment but I trying to
make some time for my hobby.Last week I found some
real nice details to add to my scenery when I am playing
Pirate-skirmish.Eventhough the fishes are a bit out of
scale and childish I think it will add some more positive
feeling to the gaming table.
My favourites are the squids and the crab and I am also
planning to make rules for these as predators.

I also found some more cars that can be converted and
used i Fallout skirmish. The red car will be splendid with
some chains and rust. I prefer to convert plastic cars because
the are easy to glue and drill holes into.
Last but not least I also found some wings to use to
"creatures of the night". They will look very nice when mounted
and with some paint.