Bunkers with sandbags and camo-nets

Today it was heavy rain and fog in this part of the
country. Bad weather is good weather for my hobby
and I have managed to complete 3 bunkernests with
sandbags. The nests are originally cheap toys that I
have completed with more sandbags handmade from
polysterene. I have also added wooden beams made
from matchsticks(long) and cardboard. The camo-
nets are made of gauze that I got from the hospital
when I delivered blood to my fellow citizens. :)
To fixate the camo-nets I have drenched them in
a mixture of dark grey-paint and PVA-glue.
Before I will put on some final groundpaint I will 
also fill in the gaps and make them more smooth.
Last thing will be to paint all the details and put on
some wash in the gaps between the sandbags.
Next report will show the bunkers ready for the
gaming-table. I hope these pictures will give some

More combat-cars and heads

This thursday has been a good one. I made some more
finds at a local second hand market and my dear friend
Mikael donated some head-bits for conversions.
The three cars will be converted and primarily used
for skirmishes in Fallout-skirmish and I like the look
of them and I also have a eye for how they will look
finished. Firstly I will repaint them to get a overall
worn and dusty/rusty look and then I will add extra
plating and some bullet-holes. Finally I will also add
weapons on the roof-top and rams.
The beetle is almost a 
copy of my "famous" Käfer-
raketenwerfer that I made 
in 2014 for SoTR.
I am not sure if this model will get rocket-tubes or I will
make something completely different!?

The heads are a mixture of GW-space wolfes and Dark eldar
and with the freaky hairstyles I think they will be great
for more warriors of the wastelands (Fallout-skirmish) in
an post apocalyptic setting.


Pile of rubble

When playing I have missed piles of rubble to easy build up
a "hellish" gaming-board so I decided to make some of my
own. I have used 5mm thick cardboard as a base.
The core of the rubble is "rough" polystyrene with a low
density. The bricks is cutouts from blue polystyrene with
a high density. The polystyrene with high density is my
favourite when it comes to make buildings and scenery
just because it is so nice to work with and also suitable
for carving details.
Below you can see how I have been working. The final
step will be to put on some sand and pva around the base
of the piles of rubble and the paint it all.
I will soon publish a new report with the painted result.


Sentry-box and machine

One item that I have missed in several scenarios is
a sentry-box for road-blocks and enemy army-camps,
so I decided to make two of my own. :)
The core is made of cardboard and the roof is corrugated
paper. The woodwork is made of coffee-stirrers and 
wooden matches. Next step will be to paint the 
sentry-box and I am inspired by red,white and black
and the rest will get a wash to look like wood.
The roof will be light green and similar to the green
that the russian army use for many metal-details in
the ww2.
Secondly I have made a fictional machine to fit inside
my machine-hall-project. I am pleased with the result
and with some paint on it will look even better.
All the details is made out of left overs and the control-
panel is made of cutdown plastic tooth-picks, polystyrene 
and plastic details from cannisters.
In the next updated report all the scenery noted above
will be painted.


Concrete walls in action

This report will show my newbuilt concrete-walls in
action on the gaming table. I hope that these pictures
will give you some inspiration to start building your 
own. :)


Concrete walls

At the gamingtable I have missed movable obstacles and
I decided to make some mobile "concrete-walls".
The base come from a polystyrene-case made for bottles
and the "wall" is made out of foamboard.
To give the wall a more rough and worn look I put on some
sand together with PVA.
To get a look that these walls has been under fire I
made holes with a nail and finally I made a cutout
for supporting iron-mesh. The mesh is a plastic-grid
and I carved off the upper layer of cardboard and
pressed with my thumb and made a small space to 
lower the mesh into the hole.
Finally I used grey waterbased paint and highlighted
it to get more life to the models. In the holes I
also put in some wash. The metalhandles are made
of wire and painted with waterbased paint and
finalized with some brown to get a rusty look.
Next report will show the walls in a scenery.


New projects in 2017

The year 2016 has been a good one in many ways. I have
managed to complete my own space for my hobby and
I have also become father to a second daughter.
I have also been really sick but thinking of new projects has
always made my mood rise and that is a good thing.
Looking back on the hobby-year 2016 I feel that I have
got more experience in painting and this has also given
me more self confidence to start even more complicated
To say anything about the coming hobby-year 2017 I am
planning to do this:

Checkpoint-project: finish the paintjob on all the objects
and also build 4 watchtowers and make tank-obstacles.

Factory-machinehall: finish the roof and towwer and finally
give the model the lick of paint.

Fallout apocalypse: build and paint my bike-riders. Finish the
paintjob of my bad-ass figures (10 GW-figures that are primed
and also got some groundcoating). Build some more vehicles and

New projects:

Make some more scatterterrain that will be used as pile of rubble
and bricks. I have found a fun way to make these and the paintjob
is also getting better and better. :)

Paint and update 3 policecars and make a small policeforce to be
used in apocalyptic-games.

Build a church to be used both in modern and medieval games.

Build a small graveyard with gravestones and crypts.

Make a small towncenter with ruined buildings. This will consist
of a townsquare, 4 buildings with shops on the groundfloors and
living-compartments and offices above. A mayor-building with
columns and a impressive wide stairway at the front.

I will also try to start painting my pirates and my big collection
of medieval figures. If I will get some time to make some medieval
buildings I will but this is not a top-priority.

I am looking forward to all these projects and it will be fun to 
also be able to play games and not missing almost everything.
I will keep you updated! I also want to send out a big thankyou
for all your support and reading my blog.