Happy New Year 2019

First of all I want to thank all of you
that support my work and this blog.
I also wish you a happy new year 2019.

To summarize 2018 it has been a very 
hectic period in my life and also for
my family. Early this year my wife
broke her leg and during this time we
also were in the middle of moving.
When arriving at our new house I started
my new employment and soon after this
we all were hit by a flu-epidemic...
I was staying  at home during the days 
and working hours at the office in the
evenings. Somehow we all managed but
it was hard.
During the summer Sweden was hit by
a severe heat and my youngest daughter
got red heat-dots all over her body.
During the summer I also tried to renovate
our new house and managed to get my
"man-cave" ready in our cellar.
Some hobby-work has been done and also
some gaming but not so much as I wanted.
Next year will also start hectic because I
will be a father for the third time and this
time we are with Gods will expecting a son.
I keep my fingers crossed as hard as I can
and also hope that 2019 will be easier and
also bring more time for relaxation and 
Thankyou for reading!

P.s: The cookie-picture will represent a
good year in 2019 with more realaxation
and "goodies".

Vampire counts-my collection

During the year 2018 I have upgraded and
completed my collection of Warhammer
Vampire count-figures. On the pictures
you can see my infantry, dire wolves,
ghosts, batswarms and special characters.
The only thing that is missing is 4 crypt-
horror-figures that is not assembled.
Together with my cavalry(read earlier report)
I think that this force is quite powerful and
a sight for the eye. Still there are some 
paintjob and and basing left to do but
I am very pleased so far.

Trainset - Flames of war

Last year I bought two identical trainsets
for only 4 Euros each. The main purpose
for these sets are to be used in Flames of
war and the scale 1/100. The colours are
are not nice and all the wagons including
the locomotive will be converted and
upgraded for the right look. I will also
build a elevated plattform for the railroad
and when finished I think the two sets will
be up to the task. Sorry for the scenery but
I am still working on this. :)

Shelters - inspirational pictures

I have published a earlier report about
my shelters and eventhough the respond
was great I was not pleased with my
pictures. The main idea with my blog
is to give inspiration and also to exchange
information on different building-techniques.
I felt that my last report only delivered the
second goal. Here are some more pictures.


Merry Christmas

This will be my way to send
out a big Christmas-greeting
to all you out there that are
reading my blog.
I hope that you all will have
a nice holiday and that there
will be a lot of time for good
meals and relaxation but also
time for the hobby. :)
Best wishes / Peter (Ptr)

Simple shelters

In 2017 I met a electrician that made some
maintainance-work on a building and he
was just throwing away some leftovers.
I asked him if he could sell me a 1 meter
long yellow draining-pipe made of plastic
but he just smiled and said: today it is your
lucky day, and indeed it was. :)
I found out that if I split this pipe into two
and then cut it once more into small shelters
and baracks it will look real good with paint.
Some time passed between this moment 
but now I have finished some simple shelters
with the "lick of paint".
Three layers of base-coat(grey) because it wouldn´t
stick and another four layers of paint with
details. I am pleased with the result and hope
that these pictures will give some inspiration.

More skeleton-cavalry

Just before Christmas I answered a seller that 
wanted to sell 3 quadrigas,7 horses and 6 riders.
All were skeletons and to be used as Tomb kings.
For only 14 Euros I think this will be a nice
addition and complement my old collection.
I play Vampire-counts in WHFB and they will
look real good when painted.
The quadrigas will be mobile plattforms for
my VC-leaders and special-characters.
Very nice finds indeed.


Finished craters

Here are pictures to show the making of
bomb-craters out of cake-moulds(aluminium).
I have also used polystyrene, pva (4 layers),
sand and finally paint.
Easy, cheap and in my opinion good looking.
Merry Christmas to you all and thankyou for
reading my blog and supporting the hobby.