Clocktower painted

Now I am finished with my clocktower and the result
is quite o.k. Only thing that is maybe not optimal is
the small greens. Further on I might paint this in a 
more brighter green colour. The base-plate and the
earth is really good and also the shading of the 
roof-tiles and the grey stones. The small building
with a roof-top is a wind-shed for the clock-operator
and I think that this give the scenery more atmosphere.

Nu är jag klar med mitt klocktorn och jag är nöjd
med resultatet.En detalj är kanske inte helt klar och
det är målningen av mossan och jag överväger om
jag ska måla denna i en ljusare grön kulör!?
Jag är dock nöjd med basplattan och skuggningen

av taket samt de grå stenarna.Den lilla byggnaden
är tänkt att fungera som ett vindskydd för klockaren
och jag tycker att denna bidrar till mer känsla i


Retrospective 2014

The year of 2014 has been a very productive one for me. I have started making a collection of scenery and made a lot of progress. I am still a bit rusty when it comes to painting my figures but in 2015 I will catching up in this field. I have always been interested in architecture and to build my own buildings has been great fun and creative.
To combine leftovers and make nothing to something is a challenge. My hobby has also been a resort from a busy day and it gives me a lot of joy when I stress at work. My followers has also grown to the number of 61 and this is very nice.To inspire others is the best reward I can get. To blog about my hobby has given me a lot of contacts all over the world.

In 2015 I will paint my russian soldiers to SoTR and also  make new turrets to my "russian" tanks.I will make some mechas and support-vehicles.
I will start my project of making storable buildings that will be easy to build up and also to dismantle.
I will build a cemetery, a well, a factory.
Making roads and small rivers and a bridge would be nice and I have made some sketches how to make them but time will tell if I will have the freetime to make them. I will end this publication with a big thankyou to all you out there that write to me and read my blog.You are great!


Clocktower-project ready for painting

After a very nice christmas-holiday I am now back to a new year and new challenges. My first blog-publication 2015 is about the clocktower-project. I now have made all the details and cut all
the bricks from friggolit/polystyren. I have also made a small "stone-building".The tiles on the clock-tower is also made and cut from cardboard.On top of each side of the clock-tower I glued on some nicely detailed strips that came out quite good when
mounted. To the clock I attached a small strip of thread.On the base I cut out and glued small bits of cardboard that will look like a stone-base when painted. Next and final step will be to paint it all.

Efter en mycket mysig Jul-ledighet är jag nu tillbaka till ett nytt år med nya utmaningar.Mitt första blogg-inlägg handlar om mitt klockstapel-projekt.Jag är nu klar med alla mina detaljer och har skurit ut samtliga stenar i  friggolit/polystyren.Jag har även byggt
en liten "sten-byggnad". Takpannorna på klockstapeln är skurna ur kartong.Som avslutning till varje sida på klockstapeln har jag limmat några passande lister med profiler som jag tycker blev
ganska bra.Har även knutit en tråd till klockan.
Basningen har försetts med trappsteg och små bitar i kartong som kommer att se ut som sten när de är klara. Det sista och avslutande momentet blir att måla allt.