My second APC - Chimera Part 2

Finally the renovation of my shabby model of a chimera is finished.
A lot of new bits and very nice details have been added.
To summarize I have done this:

A new mounting of the turret to be able to torn 360 degrees
A new showel / ram has been added
Cover plates for the tracks have been added and bolts
are made from plastic toothpics.
The turret has been updated with a commander/shooter and
a lot of extras.
A scratchbuilt mounting for the IR-camera has been made
New rings for the laser-rifle-holes in the rear compartment

I like the finished result very much and with som paint
it will look almost brand new. :) (next report)
I will probably also be able to buy the only missing detail
a rocket that will be placed on the L-shaped-mounting on the left side
of the model) very soon but this is not decided yet.

This also will be a very good support to my IG-troops on 
the gaming-table and to be able to deliver two complete squads
into the very center of the battle-zone unharmed and sheltered
will make a great difference.


Wyrdwane psykers and more bits

On tuesday another two packages arrived and
it was nice figures all the way.
The first package contained three Wyrdwane psykers
and one lord Commissar.
All the figures are second hand and will be repainted
for my Imperial guard force in the game WH40k.
The costed me 10 Euros and will be great fun to
use on the gaming table. I have never played with
Wyrdwane psykers and made some research and found this
on warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Wyrdvane_Psyker:

"A Wyrdvane Psyker is a human Sanctioned Psyker who does 
not have complete control of his or her powers but has 
been assigned for service to the regiments of the Astra Militarum. 
Wyrdvane Psykers transform the howling might of the Warp into a 
deadly weapon of Imperial supremacy.

Wyrdvane Psyker squads are formed from those Scholastica Psykana 
inductees not able to control their burgeoning powers without 
guidance and aid. Some have not yet completed the gruelling 
training to become a Primaris Psyker. Others will never achieve 
that goal, introverted beyond rescue by the horrors of their own 
minds. As individuals, such psykers are unpredictable and unsafe. 
Yet in concert, these deadly mutants can be a valuable asset to 
an Imperial Guard unit on the battlefield."

To keep my psykers steady I will use my collection of 4 commissars.
Great fun!

Next up is more bits to use for my Necromunda/Ash-wastes project
and the heads will be great to use as special characters.
The sniper-rifle and the combo-weapon I couldn´t resist and 
to me they looks real "bad azz". :)
All the bits were ordered from The red factory (se my link on
the list placed on the left of the report-window).
Now I think it is high time to start using and building all these
finds and bits that I have received in my mailbox prior to the
birth of my son. :)


My second APC - Chimera Part 1

My last project to give my force of Imperial guardsmen
sharper teeth is to be able to mount squads and send them
directly into the center of the battle.
I found a rather shabby Chimera cheap on a second hand-
market for only 14 Euros but I think it will be fun to give
this model some loving treatment and I also have lots
of spareparts to be used in my bits-box.
When the package arrived I made an overview what to be
done and fixed and noted this:

1. The turret was glued onto the hull and not able to move.
2. The ram/shovelblade was not uptodate.
3. The holes for the laser-rifles was damaged on the left side
4. Laser-rifles were missing in the holes on the left side
5. Metalcovers for the tracks were missing
6. Parts of the turret were missing and not able to mount
   a HMG or top-hatchet

First to fix was the turret and I removed the glued part and
was also forced to grind the leftovers for a smooth surface.
I also removed the old top-hatchet and fixed the edges inside
the top-hole on the turret to be able to mount a new hatchet
and docking-station.
Next step was to remove the fixing of the shovelblade and
it was done with some effort.
Third step is to grind and smooth the surface around the
holes for the laser-rifles.To make new holes with no damage
I used thin metal rings.
When the new rings on the holes are fixated I will cut out
bolts from plastic tooth-pickers.
On my next report I will publish the finished result and the
Chimera glued together in one piece.

On the first picture I show the precursor that is already
built and painted.


Useful bits

In my project Necromunda-Ash wastes I intend
to create a post-apocalyptic feeling and one
step is to use the right bits for the miniatures.
My latest buy of miniatures, WH40k catachan
jungle fighters, will be updated with new
weapons and different heads to get that gritty
and worn down look.
To achieve this I looked on the internet for
new bits to use and I found a good retailer that
sold second-hand bits both for WH40k and
I must say that the prices are quite resonable and
the service is very good.
I bought both weapons to the miniature figures
and also to be mounted on the vehicles.
I show you two pictures of my growing park
of Mad Max-inspired vehicles with weapons
that can be switched.
The link to the bits retailer (The red factory)


I also bought a very nice figure to be used as
a commissar to my Imperial guard-force in 
the game of WH40k. Nice finds indeed. :)



In 2018 I played one of my best games
ever and the scenery was a mixture of
woodlands and farm-land.


The game was very inspirational and
offered many tense situations and a lot of fun.
Two things I was short of was mountains/
sloopes and water/rivers.
Last week I managed to build big rocks
out of foam-rubber-blocks originally used
to shelter/cover expensive crystal-glass.
I saved these blocks of foam-rubber mainly
to be used in a archipelago when playing
pirate-skirmish-games but now I have made
them more versatile.
The layers of paint is 4 and the the green is
made of gauze and my intention with this is
to make a more living surface that looks like
fungus.The result is in my opinion very good
for me and will make my next woodland/rocky-
scenery more diverse.

Military truck conversion part 1

When I was working in Lund 2017 I
found two identical trucks on second
hand for only 2.5 Euros each.
They are both in the scale 1:56 and 
originally Chevrolet salvage trucks.
In many games I have found a need
for military trucks for transport or 
supply and my goal with these are to
convert these into this.
First I need to convert them with a 
flatbed and next will be to make a 
cover on top of that construction.
To achieve this I first made a model
of cardboard to get the scale right.
Next was to cut out the flatbed-frame
out of a 3mm plastic-sheet.
All external details on the flatbed is
made out of plastic sprues (left overs).
The cover-frame is made from a metal-
mesh used for garden-tasks and the
squares are 15x15mm.

The cover will be removable.
In my next report (part 2) I will explain
how I will make the cover out of thick
paper baby-wipes drenched in pva.