Tower finished

Now I am finished with this project and
it feels great to have done the updates
1.cover the visible edges in cardboard on the
2.Make more green on the baseplate
3.Wash with thin paint in the gaps between the
stonework in brown or a dark colour.


Tower almost finished

Now I have finished my tower I thought but
no I haven´t. This report will be a inbetween
view of my work in progress.
I have painted the tower but I have found more
things to update and a new report is on its
way as soon as I am finished.
I showed the tower to a friend and together
we came up to these updates to be made:
1.cover the visible edges in cardboard on the
2.Make more green on the baseplate
3.Wash with thin paint in the gaps between the
stonework in brown or a dark colour.
I personal think this will be really good updates
and make the model more complete.
Eventhough it is not finished I like the
prison-dungeon a lot.
I hope these pictures will give you inspiration.

A strange package with a nice surprise

On monday this package arrived and at first
I thought I would have to use my knowledge
from the Royal engineers to disarm it but it
was a nice surprise. :)
In the package thre were two smaller packages
containing one Hellhound and one Chimera
to the 40k-game.
I got this package when I swapped some german
WW2-troops that were only collecting dust.
I think these two models will make my Cadians
shine on the "battlefield" and also give nice
support. Nice indeed. :)


Castlegates finished

This weekend I finished painting my two
catslegates and I am quite happy with the
result. I think the pavement and also the
base give a lot of feeling and it also fixates
the big door at the gate.
I wrote earlier about my gift from my friend
Peter and now I also can compare the original
door to mine and eventhough the GW-original in
plastic has a open-shut mechanism 
I think it doesn´t
look like a real castle-gatedoor.

What do you think? Which of the two doors looks
like it could hold a assault from a horde of orcs or
"evil" medieval danes!? :)

Paint and tower

Last week my friend invited me and some friends
for a evening at his house.The agenda was to socialize 
and to paint and I think we managed both. :)
I painted my pirates and eventhough they are far
from finished it was nice to get started.
When I was starting my journey home Peter halted me
and gave me a gift. The gift was two GW-towers.
One of them was straight forward to build but the
other one was in pieces and also glued together
and never finished. This tower must be renovated
before assembly because it is a bit tweaked.
The item that I was most happy about was the
sprue with doors because this will come handy
when making my medieval village.
A very nice gift indeed!
Thankyou Peter. :)


My first game of SAGA

This sunday I attended to a demo-game showing the game
Saga hosted by my friend Hamza. My counterplayer was Viktor.
The battle was between the Byzantines and the vikings and I
chose to play the Byzantines.
Sunday  the 14th february was also Valentines day and to honour
the day 
I bought pasteries(cinnamon buns) with heartshaped decorations
on top to all demoplayers and the host. This "action" was a very
good way to start a new game of Saga. :)
I have never played this game before and I really liked the
rules and eventhough it was a lot of things to take notice of.
Eventhough I got a overall grip of it before the game was over.
Hamza told me that the game spanned from the antiques to
1066 and this is a period that is really interessting to play.
One feature that was new to me was the use of the Saga-dices
and this was a key-rule. Once you start to understand how to
use the dices to "buy" the orders it was great fun.
In my opinion I think the persons behind this game has used
features from both DBA, and games such as Warhammer FB.
I won this game but it was a even match and both me and
Viktor enjoyed it. I will start playing this game regularly and
I will use Norman medieval knights and riders as a troop of
choice when a big campaign will start at the gaming club in 
april this year.Great fun!