Armoured car converted and finished

Between hard working and being a father to my lovely
little daughter I have now completed my armoured car.
As I wrote earlier I bought a simple plastic toy and 
converted it.I am happy with the result and my goal
was to make a recon-car that looked that it was
taking right from the battlefield.The figure is a
GW 40k cadian.I have also worked with creating
dust/mud- and rust-effects. On the rust I have used
GW seraphim sepia and also nulin oil.Finally I used
metalcolour to make the grinding complete.
The extra fuel-tank has a core made of polystyrene
and is scratch-built.

All the rivets are cutout from plastic tooth-pics
Both the AA-machine gun(DP-28) and the Grease gun,
(M3) are Wargames factory and also the map-bag.

Mellan hårt arbete på jobbet och faderskap åt min
underbara lilla dotter så har jag nu slutfört bygget
av min pansarbil. Jag skrev tidigare att jag köpt en
enkel plastleksak och konverterade den till det som
syns på bilderna nedan.Jag är nöjd med resultatet
och målet var att skapa en spanings-vagn som som
såg ut att vara hämtad direkt från fronten.
Figuren är en GW 40k Cadian.Jag har även experiment-
erat med rosteffekter och använt GW färger som:
seraphim sepia och nulin oil.Slutligen har jag metall-
färg för att få sista slitage-känslan.
Extra tanken är byggd av friggolit och utskuren och
slutligen finputsad med slippapper. Samtliga bultar är
utskuran från plast-tandpetare. Både luftvärns kulsprutan
(DP-28) och Grease ksp(M3) är Wargames factory samt


How to make your own camo-net, 28mm scale

I have been planing to make my own camo-net for
years but somehow I haven´t put any effort in this
project until now.
The final push was when I was giving blood about
two weeks ago. At the blood-central I got some
band aid and when I peeled it of I thought to myself
that: hey this is actually real gauze. :)
The gauze was only used to hold a small piece
of band aid fixated so it was almost untouched and
no traces of blood.
First thing was to give it a dark ground-colour and
I used water based paint for this and made a mixture
of dark brown, black and dark green and drenched
the gauze and left it for soaking over night.
When it was completely soaked I cut it in small pieces
with a pair of scissors but a sharp knife is also up
to the task.Next step is to drape the small pieces of
gauze on my vehicle. I decided to use the camo-net to
give it more character and also to make it look more
taken from active service.When placed all the gauze
on the vehicle I let it dry for 3-4 hours. To fixate the
gauze I used pva that is mixed with water (pva 40%
and water 60%).If you think that it will not stick just
add more glue and to apply it on the gauze I used a
standard brush and soaked it thoroughly.
I have tried to imitate the standard camo-net I was

using during my service at the Royal engineers and I
am quite satisfied with the result. Tomorrow I will
publish a report with the painted and finished model.


Armoured car with a lot of rivets

Due to other tasks(family and work) I haven´t been very
active with my 
hobbies lately but now I am back.
To several of my games that I play I have had a need
for a armoured car with light armament.Especially my
russian force that I use for SoTR has been in a need
for a recon-vehicle with light armament.
During the WW2 the russians didn´t manufactured or
design that many armoured cars and that was probbably
a strategic decision because they went for big tanks
with strong guns in a great quantity.
I wanted the armoured car to look rough eventhough
it was a ligh vehicle and to use plates (schürzen) and
also a lot o rivets I think I have made my point.
The model that I converted was a very simple toy
and the first thing was to shape it up.(see last picture)
The first thing I did was to lower the chassi and glue
i together. I have also made a antenna for long distance
communication using a simple technique.
The rivets are made of plastic tooth-pics and the plates
are plastic sheets that are leftovers from packages.
Next step will be to put om some paint. :)