I looked in my box with bits and found parts to
build 9 more wasteland-warriors to my post-
apocalyptic game Fallout-skirmish.
I think they look mean and with the bases they
get even more character.
My two favourites are the Rpg- and bazooka-
shooters. I wanted a punk-look and I combined
a bald zombie-head from Wargames factory and
a horse-tail from GW.
The figure with a death-head-shield on the back
will be a slaver.
I hope these pictures will give some inspiration
until they are all painted. Enjoy! :)


The King meets a sniper

During the dark evenings I have painted in 
the light of my working lamp and now I 
have finished two more figures for my
post apocalyptic game Fallout-skirmish. 
The king will be used as a leader
and I think he has a lot of character.
The second figure is a sniper that is one of
my favourites.The camo-cover is inspired by 
the camo pattern I made on my 40k-tanks earlier.
These two figures will be a nice addition to
my growing force of wasteland-warriors.
Finally I have also started working on my last
factory-building and my first preparations
is to be seen on the picture below.



Last weekend I stumbled on a fleemarket at the
local square on my way home from work.
I found some finds to use both for medieval
warfare and modern.
Very useful roadsigns to make a roadblock/
checkpoint a frame to make a scratchbuilt

locomotive and finally a 1950-inspired car.
A catapult, some threes and also some knights
but the riders are unfourtunately not in the
right scale.
The highlight of the day is indeed the very
nice modelled medieval tent and the car.
The threes will be used when I will make
a graveyard and will be a nice detail.
Finally I have started to paint my gang of
figures to use in post apocalyptic games.
They are from GW and Chaos cultists but
I have changed and added some bits.
I am really looking forward finishing these
figures and this morning I also updated
the bases.A new report is soon on its way.