40k-Tournament Part 2

In the beginning of my vacation I had a 40k tournament at home
in my house and we managed to play to set of games.
This Battlereport is between me and Olle and I played the Astra
Militarium and he the Blood angels.

The points were set to 1000 each and the goal was to decimate
the enemys forces to oblivion.
Both me and Olle are not so skilled at the 40k-rules and Christian
helped us with the technicals. My tactic was to punch a hole
in the defense of the Blood angels and attack "en masse" because
my troops are not so strong as the Blood angels in close combat.
To win some time the setup was closer to each front and this
was also more fun because we got contact very quickly.
My tactics failed at the first round because the  Blood angels
knocked out my Leman Russ and this was 
my key-ace.
After this round I halted the APC on the right-front

but this vehicle was still able to give cover and also shot every second
round.In the middle-sector the Blood angels tried to advance into
a big building.A magician within the ranks of the Blood angels 
tried to put spell after spell on my troops but did a real poor
job and made us all laugh. 
On the the third round both the Blood angels and my troops
got close contact inside the building. In close combat the Blood
angels did a god job and soon the game was decided and victory
to the reds. A very nice game indeed and both me and Olle were
equal in 40k-gamingexperience.Looking forward to the next round.


Bretonnians converted to knights

I am sorry to say I am not so active on my blog lately
but my garden and house has taken a lot of my time
but I am always active in mind for new hobby-projects. 
To make some special-characters to my own medieval game:
Hugg och slag (Cut and blow) I have converted some figures
from Games workshop, Bretonnian men at arms.
The basic setup for the Bretonnians were with spears and
not so interessting but the figures were dressed in nice armour

and this was a good starting-point for my project. 
I have also used bits from GW, Empire and Deus vult-mounted
I am quite happy with the result so far and the figures will be
of great use on the gaming table.I will primarily use these
figures as knights and leaders.
I have still 85 more medieval-footsoldiers to build and paint. :)


40k-Tournament Part 1

Last Saturday I got a nice visit from my friends Olle and Christian.
We agreed to play a tournament in the game of Warhammer 40 000.
First to play were me and Christian. Christian played 1000 points
of Mordian iron guard and I played the Astra militarium.
This was my first time testing 4 tanks to support my troops and
I had two flamer-tanks to back me up and also on heavy tank
named Leman Russ.
On the first round my first flamer-tank got hit by the Mordian
artillery and was knocked out.
My flank-troops started to advance both on the right and the 
left but they all moved slow. Next round I unloaded my
heavy support-squad in the centerbuilding to start dividing
my enemy into two but they never made any progress...
My Leman Russ was brave and halted two tanks for a long
time but was knocked out in the last round.
On the southern flank my troops advanced in the factory
but the Mordians received more troops and welcomed
a Walker and this "mecha" was a tough opponent and halted
my move.
The only part of the front that achieved any progress was the
north and they moved into the castle and up on the walls and
knocked out some enemies by throwing handgranades on them.
The game was fun but it was to slow eventhough I had both
APC and tanks. A lot of time was paid to move through 
ruins and alleys. Six rounds is way to short if you choose
to fight in an urban area. It was nice to display most of my
scenery and also to test my new vehicles. I also want to thank
Christian and congratulate him to a Mordian victory!  


The gaming-table

Troopmovements and clashes

Fighting in the factory(before the arrival of the walker)

Leman Russ(Astra M) is knocked out and Mordian victory


40K-tanks, upgraded

This weekend I got a visit from two of my friends and
the agenda was to play a Warhammer 40k-tournament.
To prepare for this I have traded some german WW2-soldiers
for two 40k-tanks (Chimera and Hellhound).
The tanks were in pieces and was to be built and also to be
painted. I had already had a Hellhound and a Leman Russ but
they were painted in desert-camo.
The new upgrade was to make a camo for all the tanks and
the goal was to blend in with the troops.
I painted the camo in time for the tournament but some
details remains to be done. I got my inspiration for the
camo from Bundeswehr tarn and I have painted the colurs 
in layers. The coverpaint was Citadel Castellan green and
then I used Citadel: Mournfang brown, Death world forest,
Dawnstone and Abaddon black.
The result are to see on the pictures. A second report will be
made showing all the tanks completed with rust and all the


My first set of Star wars-figures

When I went to the local super-market with my wife 
to purchase the necessities of life I also found out that
they had sale on Star wars-figures.
The price was 50% off and they sold a lot from the racks.
I dont have a gamesystem yet but I will try to find it,
otherwise I will make some simple rules of my own.
The figures are made by Hasbro and in the scale of
1:32 and the details are quite nice.
I have bought both imperial-forces and rebels together
with the icons (Luke, Han and Chewie etc).

The space-ships that also comes together with the
big-packs is just waste because they are not

usable for my kind of games.
One positive aspect is that the scale offer great oppor-
tunities to make scratchbuilt star-ships and other scenery.
In the winter I am also planing to build some kind of
space-station with corridors and landing-bays for
skirmish. May the force be with me! :)

Build up for tomorrow

After work today my vacation begins and my
first step will be tomorrow when two of my friends
come for a visit to play a game of WH 40 000.
So far I have repainted and also added two new
tanks that I got in trade.
I have finished the painting of the camo that is
inspired by the Bundeswehr flecktarn but with more

shades of green.I decided to do so because my
groundtroops are dressed in green.
Updated pictures on the tanks will also be published
I have also started working on a factory but this
will not be finished until tomorrow.Before my friends
arrive at noon tomorrow I must make my roads ready
and there are some cuting to do.Finally I will also
make some woodwork to make the gaming-table
ready for action. A new battlereport are soon on its way.