Archers for SAGA

Working on my SAGA-project 6 points I
also need levy-archers and I have managed 
to put together a force of 8.
I am quite pleased with the outcome of
these GW-archers but I am also planning
to make bowstrings to make them complete.
I will probably use 0,25mm metalstring
for thias task and wrap it around and
finalize it with paint.

Good storage for the figures

Last weekend me and my wife went out shopping
and we also visited a cheap-store.
A lot of crap in the store but I found good storage for 
my figures for only 2 Euros each. A bargain I would
say and now the boxes are all fitted with soft
tissue on the bottom of each compartment.
I bought 10 of these and it swallowed almost
25% of my total collection of figures.

SAGA Normands 6points

Due to a heavy workload at work and also being a father
to a little daughter I have little time left for my hobby but
here is a new report. Soon I will start playing the game
Saga and to participate all the players agreed to setup a
force of 6 points.Here is mine under construction.

I chose to play the normands and is a mixture of figures
from GW, Fireforge games and conquest games and I
have also made a conversion for my crossbow-archers. 
The leader is worth 2 points as being William the bastard.
The grass is made of plastic grass and is also used for
indoor football-fields.I will update this report when the
figures are finished painting.