Woodland and evil priests

One day to go and then I am married man.
This will be my last post as a bachelor. :)
This morning I decided to paint some US-army-
soldiers that will fit into my coming project
with zombies versus humans. I decided to
make some WWII-US army-soldiers look
more modern with M16 and DAO-12/M32.
I also chose to paint them in a woodland-camopattern and I think that the colours
looks real good.

The soldiers are not completed and some
paintjob remains and also some work with
the bases. In this project I also will complete
my Humvee(I have two). I will slope the back
of the car and also fix the wheels.
I have not decided if I also will fit the roof of
the vehicles with a 50cal or a anti-tankmissile.
Eventhough I find the vehicles real nice and I
will paint them in woodland-camo.

Finally I have modified my evil priest with some
details that will make them look even more
evil. :) A head there and a skull in chains there
will do the trick. I have decided to paint them red
like their predecessor. Evel priests together with
my scenery with a clocktower makes me think of
a lot of different scenarios.
Together with the 4 evil priests I also have 3 
more figures with green hoods that will fit in
perfectly in a dark mess. :)


Werewolf...therewolf :)

This weekend my friend Andreas contacted
me for a game of SoTR. We decided to start
playing at 11 o´clock but Andreas overslept
and arrived two hours later...
Due to this delay the game was very brief
because I had an appointment with a
friend from the woods (Filip).
We managed to play two rounds and even-
though it was a short game it was fun to

play. The points were set to 30 and I
chose 3 riflesquads with antitank-rifles
and also one mecha for support.
The germans were supported with 3
werewolf-squads, Sdkfz 251 and one
The russians got the first blow and advanced
through the ruins and started hitting on
the werewolfs with antitank-rifles.
The germans started moving but made little
progress before the game was finished.
The evaluation of the game was that the
germans probably would got stuck in the
middle because the russians ability to hide
and get excellent cover in the ruins.
The russians also had a lot of weapons
that could inflict a lot of damage of the
stucked german forces...

I also took some inspiration-pictures
while waiting for Andreas.


Russian force is soon completed

This weekend I put up 75% of my
russian force and it looks great when
it is painted. Left to do is to convert
my tanks and build three mechas.
I will also complete a engineer-squad
with two flamethrowers.
I will finally put on some wash and
facial details.

Denna helgen blev jag klar med cirka
75% av det som ska bli min ryska
styrka.Tycker att resultatet är helt o.k
med färg.Kvar att göra är att bygga
nya torn till mina tanks och även
tre mechas.Jag kommer även att 
komplettera en ingenjörs-grupp med
två eldkastare och slutligen måla
wash och ansiktsdetaljer.


Russian tankers and pimped bunker

Tomorrow I will play a game of
SoTR and I have now prepared
my russian figures.

Eventhough my bird-friend and fellow
paintcompanion(Hugo) have made
the project somehow difficult I am

now almost finished painting
this russian fighting force. :)
The only thing that remains are
facial-details and wash-paint.
I have also pimped my bunker with
two posters after getting a tip from
my friend Jonas.

Now I have also painted my mobile-
mortar crew and I think they look real

Imorgon ska jag spela ett parti av
SoTR och har gjort förberedelser
inför detta.
Trots att min fågelvän och målarpartner(Hugo)
har skapat svårigheter under projektets
gång har jag nu även lyckats måla

klart min ryska styrka. :)
Det enda som återstår för att bli
helt färdig är: ansiktsdetaljer och
Jag har även pyntat min bunker med
planscher för att ge rätt atmosfär.
Tipset till min bunker-pyntning fick
jag från min kompis Jonas.
Har även målat min besättning till
min mobila granatkastarramp och jag
är riktigt nöjd med resultatet.



Now I am finished painting my
russian supportgroup with PTRD-41,
anti tank rifles.They look a lot better
with the bricks and piles of wood.
The will be a tough opponent on the
gaming-table. :)

Nu är jag klar med mina ryska soldater
utrustade med PTRD-41 (antitankgevär).
Jag tycker att de ser riktigt bra ut
med tegelsten,travar med trä och
bråte.Tror att dessa kommer att bli
ett bra tillskott för mina trupper på spel-
bordet. :)


NKVD and PTRD-41

Due to all my preparations because of my wedding
have resulted in that I have not been so active with my hobbies, 
but today I managed to publicate a new report.
I have built my third NKVD-soldier in my squad and
also painted them. I am satisfied with the result and
they are "good" for the morale when playing
SoTR or other skirmish-games.
I have also built the basing of my four anti-tank-
shooters with PTRD-41. The choise of basing is 
to protect the gunbarrels when moving.
I will soon paint the bricks and the pile of wood and
also the other details such as empty shells and

På grund av allt som ska göras inför mitt stundande
bröllop så har jag inte varit sysselsatt med min hobby på senaste tiden men nu har jag lyckats avsätta lite tid till en ny rapport. 
Jag har byggt klart min sista NKVD-soldat och även målat hela gruppen. Dessa figurer är "bra" för moralen när man ska spela SoTR 
eller andra skirmish-spel. 
Jag har även byggt baser till mina anti-tank-skyttar med PTRD-41-gevär. Anledningen till basningens utformning är för att skydda gevärspiporna vid flytt till och från spelbordet. Jag kommer inom kort att måla tegelsten, vedhögar, tomhylsor och annan utrustning.