Updated mortar-team

About 5 years ago when I just picked up this hobby I helped
a friend of mine to renovate his wooden gable.
As a token of gratitude and that he was able to live the long
cold swedish winter indoors he gave me a present.
It was a Cadian-mortar team to the game WH 40k.
Back then I didn´t play WH 40k that often and I decided
to convert these mortar-teams to germans and use them in
the game SoTR. Now I have upgraded my Jerrys and I have
also started play WH40K more often.
I have switched heads and also updated some weapons and
finally added some scenery to each base.
I am very pleased with the result and here are some pictures.
The camo-net is made of gauze and pva.


Ruined monastery

For some weeks ago my friend Mikael arrived with a Christmas-
gift both from him and my other friend Peter S.
The gift from Mikaels was more Cadian-heads for WH 40k and
I will use them to build riot-police in my game Law and order.
A very nice gift indeed. Secondly I got a ruined monastery built
in a nice setting and ready for gaming.The monastery also contained
some loose walls and allt this will be used both for both pirate-
skirmish and SoTR.Especially gaming with zombies this scenery
will be spot on. In the future I will also build some crypts and
gravestones and a church or cathedral to make the setting complete.
Last but not least I got some skeleton-dinosaurs and I will fit these
with small plattforms and mount some Vampire counts-skeletons
and make ready for gaming in the WHFB.
All gifts in the scale for 28mm figures.
Very nice gifts from my friends and I will send out a big thankyou!!!
I will end this report and send out a big Merry Christmas to all you
nice readers out there that make this blog living.
Thankyou for all your answers and messages.


Christmaspackage 2017

Two weeks ago my package ordered in october arrived
and it was a delight indeed.
Once a year I order some figures or hobby-related and
now it was time for my gift for myself. :)
I have ordered some russians to form my engineer-
squad both for Sotr and Bolt action.

I have tested playing games with engineers and they are
great fun because they can use demolition and 
clear way through walls and also place mines.
Next find was more civilians to my play pirate-skirmish
and I like these figures a lot.
Policeofficers will soon be painted and used in my own
scratchbuilt game : Law and order.
Finally I have bought some more figures with APC and
two stugs to form a german force for playing Berlin-45.
The figures looks great and I have not decided if they will
be painted as SS or Volksgrenadiers.