Trenches and scenery 15mm

New within carpentry and interior design and top of 

this all to do with the family and everyday life has limited

my hobby-time a great deal, nevertheless in my mind I am

always thinking creative. :)

Last week my friend Patrick sent me a package with soft

models made to resemble trenches in the 15mm-scale.

They look very nice but I will need a lot of them in my

future scenarios. To make more I will probably make some

additional strongholds and when finished I will buy some

rubber to make moulds of my own.Making own moulds has

been a goal for a long time and now I got the final push.

I already have some rubber in a package that I bought 2012 

but I am not sure if this still can be used!?

I also got a very nice barn that is a gift from my friend.

Patrick only use models and figures in the 20mm-scale and

then the barn will not fit but for me it is happy days.

Nice details and also a good paintjob. Thankyou very much

Patrick. :)


A very nice package

A couple of weeks ago a very nice package arrived to

my doorstep in the village were I live.

I talked to my friend Mikael that one of my 3d-printed

finnish Stugs hade broken its cannon-barrel due to bad

handling by the postal-office and wanted to help

sending me two new stug-barrels but he also added

some "extras". The package was filled with goodies. :)

I opened and found a company of Bretonnians knights

to WHFB. Some needs some fixing but no big thing.

I also found furniture to be used together with RPG

and traditional miniature-gaming and scenery.

All the finds above will be painted before gaming!

Last but not least some extra tuft for the basing.

In my next report I will also write about to sets of WW2-

15mm-figures that Mikael also sent me.

I finish this report with a big thankyou very much Mikael!

To be continued!


Hetzer, T-26, SU-122, and SU-76i

 One model that was missing in my collection to

play late WW2 was the legendary german tank

Hetzer. Along the STUG III, Ferdinand the Hetzer

was among the top 3-tanks that was a very feared

opponent on the battlefield.

One of these models will be modyfied with a 

open hatch and a tank-commander.

Next is a small but famous tank from the soviets,

T-26. This tank was first used against the finns

during the winter-war but reused when conquered.

I have 3d-printed 3 of each to be used by both sides.

The third model is the SU-122 that was very useful

on the battlefield as a bunkerbuster or close-support

to the infantry.

Last but not least is the SU-76i. This model is to

be used together with 2 other models as a complete

unit. The SU-76i is a modified german panzer III

with a superstructure and a russian gun used by

the soviets against their enemies.

Sad but true the cannon was very fragile and broken

during the delivery but no problem for me and I will

use a metal-thread into a drilled hole for replacement.

All model is printed by ADM/Madabout3d that I will

send a big thankyou for very good service.



88mm and US quad

 To get some more individual 15mm-models on 

the gaming-table I have printed som AA/Antitank-

artillery on wheels. When the enemy was near

the germans sometimes fired their 88mm-

cannons directly without unloading from the

transport-wheels. I think these models looks

really good and only backside is that they are

fragile and one has broken due to the postal

office-service when deliver...

Next up is how to solve my problem with my

two M3-halftracks with broken quads.

I have tested modifying the cad-file but it came

out wrong twice and the latest "failure" is that

the base is not scaled right to fit into the model

but the artillery is. I will cut of the wrong-base

and ugrade with a small plastic-pipe but I will

very careful doing this because resin-dust is not


All models are printed by ADM/Mad about 3d and

the link is to be found at the bottom of this blog-page.


Beutepanzer 15mm

 Found these very nice-looking models on the

Thinginverse and decided to use these in my

Flames of war-project Berlin 1945.

The two tanks are modified versions of the

soviet KV-1 and T-34. 

The KV-1 is modified with a cupola and

german PAK-40-cannon.

The T-34 is also fitted with a cupola and schuerzen,

coverplates on both the hull and turret.

Very cool-models indeed. I have also printed 

some extra KV-1-turrets just in case I will use

the Beute-panzer as original soviet tanks.

Finally I haven´t decided if I will paint these

models in all-german-colours or only the

turrets!? Probably I will paint the T-34 in 

"ambush-camo/peadot" and the KV-1 with a 

german turret and a soviet-green hull.

I also send a big thankyou to the 3d-print-service:

ADM/Mad about 3d for sending me extra prints 

of the KV1-turrets (I only ordered 3).


Turrets and supplies

During the last days of WW2 in Europe the germans used

tank-turrets from broken down vehicles as fixed artillery-

positions. I have 3d-printed german Panther- and Pzkfw IV-

turrets and will in the future make bases for all of these to

show that they are dug into the ground.

The details are very nice and with some paint it will

look good on the gaming-table and the game Flames of war.

Next up is more scenery to be used as objectives or extras

to make the gaming-table more realistic.

The four fuel-dumps looks good but the bases have warped

and it is a pity but are still usable.

Finally but not least are my eight ammo/supply-dumps and

these looks very good and without any warped bases.

I plan to make some more fuel-dumps with a round base

to prevent the warping. 

I also want to send a thankyou to Mad about 3d/ADM that

has helped me with these prints and very good service.

The link to this company can be found at the bottom of this 



Very nice civilian vehicles,15mm, and more

This report is about a project that has taken shape in 

my mind for some time but now is being "physical".

I want to place more civilian vehicles and models

on the gaming-board to add more feeling and I

have found some polski Fiats as my first step.

Very nice models and the shapes are very rounded

and bulky and I think they will fit perfectly in any

scenario that is taking place in the European WW2-


Next up are 3 german ford trucks. The german took

over the american-owned factory in Cologne and 

during 1939-42 they continued to manufacture these 

vehicles for the wehrmacht but after 1942 it ended 

because the design was not "pure" german by the

german high command according to the history!

I also 3d-printed some Fallschirmjäger 10,5cm LG40/1,

recoilless artillery to boost my german parachute-miniatures.

These artillery-pieces were both light but could deliver

quite some punch when used right.

The models look real good but are also fragile and one of

the support-legs were broken during the delivery.

Last but not least are the german tanks named Panzer IV.

These tanks were produced 1944-45 and fitted with the

powerful 7,5cm Pak 39 L/48-cannon and with a very low

profile it was a feared opponent by the allies.

I choose 3 variants of this tank-model to add some in-

dividual character.With or without cover-plates(shürzen)

and the one without hatches will be fitted with a commander

and a radio-operator in the future.

All these fine 3d-prints were delivered by ADM/Mad about 3d

and I have only good things to say about this company.

If you want to order yourself the mail to this 3d-print-service

can be found below.Print on the picture and e-mail will appear.

The models are in the 15mm-scale (1/100) and will primarily

be used to the WW2-game Flames of war.