Soviet-armoured infantry and small naval vessels

My house and garden is now undertaking a 
renovation and in august it must be finished 
because our family is growing once again. :) 
Due to this fact I hav little or little than less 
time for my hobby and I am missing this a lot. 
Eventhough it will be winter and until then I 
buy things to be prepared. First up is my latest 
second hand-buy of armoured soviet infantry 
from the conflict 47-range that I will use for Sotr. 
I will convert these charming figures with light 
rocket-launchers to be able to deal with armoured 
vehicles. I am also having thoughts of fit one of 
these with a MG but have not decided yet. I like 
these figures a lot and the hammer and sickle is 
nice detail indeed. :)
My force of soviets will be including mechas, 
infantry, armoured cars and now armoured infantry.
Next is a find that I made in the local toy-store. 
Four small sailing-boats in various sizes will be a 
very nice addition to my groving naval-force when 
playing pirate-games.
I bought two packages for only 4 Euros each. 
I will give these models a helping hand to make 
them more realistic and also fit some of these with 
small naval-cannons. To be able to have small and 
fast naval vessels will indeed add some more 
excitement to the game and these will also be very 
useful when making landing when playing games
at a archipelago-gaming-table. I also publish the 
rest of my collection and now I have ships in many 
sizes and this was one of the main goal with this
"Perk yer ears boys, we are going to the sea"! :)


WIP - Recon-vehicle

In my drawers this toy-car has been waiting
to be converted to something of use on the
gaming-table. My inspiration for this is the
Rolls Royce armoured car (1914) and I will
also make a sheltered compartment for the
driver and the gunner.
I will also add a LOT of rivets for the right
look. The bits are taken from the WH40K-
range and will be used as a gatling-gun and
a antitank-multiple-launcher.
The vehicle is to primarily be used by my 
soviets in the game Secrets of the third Reich.
To be continued.


When playing table-top-games I have found out that
gamemarkers really enhance the game and also keep
track on things. When I started in 2012 I made some
simple markers and during the game of play I have
updated these and finally I now have printed and
laminated in my opinion my complete set of these.
I publish these to give inspiration have to make these
for personal use.
The markers are primarily to be used for the games:
Flames of war, WH40000, Secrets of the third reich,
FoW cold war 1986.


Охотник на зомби - Zombie-hunter

Охотник на зомби means zombie-hunter in russian
and this vehicle will both be used to this menace
but also against "living" infantry and aircrafts.
When I played a game of Secrets of the third Reich
against my friend Olle I lended him one of my
german Wirbelwinds fitted with four 20mm flak38-
automaticcannons. This vehicle was very useful
against my zombies and advancing infantry if not
to say devastating... :)
To help my soviets and even the odds a bit I have
now converted a armoured car named Saladin.
I used bits from Games workshop Tau and IG and
I like the result. On the pictures the model is only
painted with a green base-colour but I will give it
some more love later.
I plan to paint some rust and also a russian red
star with the russian name in white.
I want to create a dirty and rusty look to add some
feeling. A report is on its way about the game with
Olle that was played some weeks ago before the
pandemic arrived.


To magnetize or not

I have bougth two more tanks to my Imperial guard
and this will be a very nice punch when playing.
Eventhough this fact they are not ready yet.
I got an advice from my friend Christian to make
the weapon-system magnetized to make the tanks
versatile and open up a variety of options.
I will not replace the frontal lasergun beside the
driver but both the turret and the sponsons(sidearms)
will be updated. In this moment I have two tanks
75% ready for the making and one 50%.
Not portrayed on the pictures I will also scratchbuild
three gatling-guns and another tank-hunter-cannons
for the turret.
On the pictures I also show my latest buy on bits and
some of these will be used on the tanks.
Last but not least I will use two heads to make two
not so nice-looking cyber-combat robots for the
Necromunda/ash-wastes.I will convert two robots
from the Warhammer 40K Tau-range for this. 


Sandbags for the gaming-front

When I used hobby-clay to make a footprint-mould on
youngest child I got some leftovers. :)
Very nice and something I have planned to test for a
long time. First up is some lines of sandbags and the
result is very nice. Only thing that I discovered in this
test was that I need to attach the layers more properly.
After air-drying for about 10 hours they fell apart.
I will test to attach them with PVA-glue for starter and
if this will not work Super glue is next.
I will also cover all the bags with a thin layer of pva
mixed with some water (80pr glue and 20pr water).
The water is only to make the glue float and get into all
the cracks before starting to dry.
Finally I will give som love to the base with sand,
pva and small greens to make i all come alive.
I have not decided if I will add som gause to make camo-
nets!? I will use these obstacles to my 28mm figures.


Flat hills

Pandemic, small children and a lot of other projects stops me from being
an active blogger. Recently it has been a bit better and I bought three
very nice flat hills from my friend in Småland.
They only cost med 2 Euros each but the the delivery coste me 6 Euros but
alltogether I am very satisfied with the buy.
The biggest hill will be renovated because some of the flock has been 
scrubbed of. I will use thes flat hills for a variety of scenery and it
will fit perfectly for both 28mm-,15mm- and 6mm-scale.