1,2,3 and a new mini is born

On the third of september my fourth "mini" was

born. She was real quick (the quickest so far).

In 5 years me and my lovely wife has managed

to produce 4 children and you must think that

we are crazy but this was the goal all the time.

The main reason to this very intense schedule

is to let the children grow up together and never

to be alone and someone said that the most precious

thing to give your child is a brother or sister.

The birth was the easiest so far and the mother

only endured 40 minutes of labour!

As a father I feel most, most proud!

The pictures show the minis in order with oldest 

placed lowest and the youngest on the top of this



Imperial guard - bits and figures

 A couple of weeks ago I bought some figures and

bits on second hand to complete my small but growing

collection of Imperial guards.

First up are two very nice figures to complete my 

squad. The one with the eyeglass is a classic and I

have been looking for this chap to buy for a long time.

The second is a conversion and I havent decided yet

if I will keep or change the head because he looks very

"pirate". Next are nice base-plates and kneeling figures

that will end up as riot-police in my "Law and order-

skirmishgame. The range of bits will come to use on many

 of my troops and will add some fire-power. :)

The heads are spot on to use both to tank-commanders and

special-riotpolice. The vehicle-bits will be used both to

complete my magnetized (not solved yet) Leman-russ-tanks

and my scratch-built command-vehicle(not built yet).

On the last picture you can see my collection of Leman russ-

tanks before the magnetize-operation.


Pirates - special characters

During my vacation I got an offer to exchange some
of my 15mm-miniatures(medieval) for these plastic-
figures that I don´t know how is the manufacturer.
I think they all look very good and will be played
as special-characters when playing pirates-skirmish.
I will base them all with sand to get the right look
and also give the raw plastic some lick of paint.


US cold-war soldiers 28mm in woodland-camo

 First of all I feel very limited in myself after
building a garden-fence (15metres x 6 metres)
and on top of this our fourth child will be born
in 2-5 days.
Not much time for hobby-projects but my latest
project will be to convert some US Viet-Nam-soldiers
to US army cold-war/post-apokalyptic-soldiers.
Together with the soldiers I will also use some
vehicles and first out are some cheap plastic Humvees
and a M60/A2-tank and finally some recoilless-canons.
I have already some converted US-soldiers painted in
woodland-camo and they will get some very nice
support on the gaming-table.
The game-system I will use is probably Necromunda-
ashwastes or Fallout-miniature wargame.


Soviet-armoured infantry and small naval vessels

My house and garden is now undertaking a 
renovation and in august it must be finished 
because our family is growing once again. :) 
Due to this fact I hav little or little than less 
time for my hobby and I am missing this a lot. 
Eventhough it will be winter and until then I 
buy things to be prepared. First up is my latest 
second hand-buy of armoured soviet infantry 
from the conflict 47-range that I will use for Sotr. 
I will convert these charming figures with light 
rocket-launchers to be able to deal with armoured 
vehicles. I am also having thoughts of fit one of 
these with a MG but have not decided yet. I like 
these figures a lot and the hammer and sickle is 
nice detail indeed. :)
My force of soviets will be including mechas, 
infantry, armoured cars and now armoured infantry.
Next is a find that I made in the local toy-store. 
Four small sailing-boats in various sizes will be a 
very nice addition to my groving naval-force when 
playing pirate-games.
I bought two packages for only 4 Euros each. 
I will give these models a helping hand to make 
them more realistic and also fit some of these with 
small naval-cannons. To be able to have small and 
fast naval vessels will indeed add some more 
excitement to the game and these will also be very 
useful when making landing when playing games
at a archipelago-gaming-table. I also publish the 
rest of my collection and now I have ships in many 
sizes and this was one of the main goal with this
"Perk yer ears boys, we are going to the sea"! :)


WIP - Recon-vehicle

In my drawers this toy-car has been waiting
to be converted to something of use on the
gaming-table. My inspiration for this is the
Rolls Royce armoured car (1914) and I will
also make a sheltered compartment for the
driver and the gunner.
I will also add a LOT of rivets for the right
look. The bits are taken from the WH40K-
range and will be used as a gatling-gun and
a antitank-multiple-launcher.
The vehicle is to primarily be used by my 
soviets in the game Secrets of the third Reich.
To be continued.