Swedish 6mm cold war-army complete

Last friday a very nice delivery arrived directly to my doorstep.

The wife of my friend Fredrik in Stockholm delivered a package
full of 6mm figures and models. The collection is a big one and
I can´t describe it in only one report so it will result in 3.
The collection contained swedish, soviet and Nato-models and
the first will be written about the swedes.

Very nice models and the collection cover almost all except
naval forces.
Lots of S-tanks (strv 103) to be the bulk of the force supported
by centurions (strv 102/104) and also the infantry-support-tank
Ikv 91. The Ikv 91 is fitted with a 90mm low-velocity cannon
and 2 MG.
The centurion (strv 102/104) was a very good tank with a armour-
thickness of 17-152mm and fitted with 105mm L7-cannon and
2 MG. The S-tank is a versatile tank and with its low
profile(sloped 12.5 dgr) and with a armour of 40/20mm it is a hard match
when dug in to knock out.
The S-tank is fitted with 10,5 cm automatic-loaded cannon that could
fire up to 30 projectiles in a minute.
In addition to the cannon the S-tank has a massive mesh (30mm steelbars)
in the  front(not on the model) to halt armour-piercing projectiles and 
finally two MG.

The artillery is represented by the tracked Akv 151. This artillery is built
on a S-tank chassi and can fire 14 artillery-shells in 45 seconds with a
range of 25 km. Each shell had a weight of 47 kg!!!
A lot of fire to be delivered! :)
Some very nice detailed APC´s, Pbv 302 will also be a nice addition
to my force.
The Pbv 302 is amphibious and can carry 8 infantry men with a
crew of 3.The Pbv 302 is fitted with a 20mm automatic cannon
and one MG.
For recon I have some jeeps with a MG called Terrängbil 11. Two
transport-trucks that will be used as Terrängbil 20 and these two will
be converted and fitted with two extra wheels.
As anti-tank-vehicles I will use jeeps as the Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 1111
with a recoilless rifle cal 9cm (rocket is 920mm long and a weight of 10kg!).
In addition to the jeeps the collection also contains three HKP 9A (Bo 105CB3)
with Heli-TOW to halt enemy-tanks.
The crown of the vehicles on the ground are the aircrafts: Draken and Viggen.
Saab 35 Draken(1 pilot) is fitted with 2 pieces of 30mm automatic-cannons and
rockets and bombs.
A good plane to bring down enemy bombers but also for dogfights and
close support.
The Draken was very robust and could land and lift from short roadstrips that
was built all over Sweden.
Finally the Saab 37 Viggen is a versatile fighterplan in 4 versions and
very robust fitted with 1 piece of 30mm automatic-cannon and rockets
and bombs.
A very nice collection and this in addition with the previous one that is already
fitted on bases will be fun to start playing games with. I guess I have some
hours ahead designated for painting and basing. :)

Old collection (prior to october 2019)


Visiting the local gaming-club

Last weekend I managed to get some free time for myself all by myself.
First I planned to go to Lund and visit a historical gaming-club in Lund that
play a lot of historical figure-games (pike and shot, Seven days to the Rhine etc)
but the preparations for a Thirty years war-scenario was not ready for play so
I went to the local gaming club in Helsingborg instead.
I visited the gaming-club in Helsingborg very shortly in 2018 but back then
my oldest daughter wanted to test the variety of buying an ice cream instead of
looking at the minis in vivid colours.
This saturday I could watch very nicely painted figures en masse and I
got a lot of inspiration doing so. I took some pictures for sharing.
My absolute favourite is the painter that made the rusty orcs and I simply
love his way of making these figures come alive.
On the last picture I have a new article that really looks good, tuft in 
various shapes and heights.Looks very good when mounted onto the base.


My 15mm japanese

In my last report I wrote about my latest buy and
my completed collection and now I will go into
On these pictures you can see my unboxed collection of 
tanks. I have both medium and light tanks and also
very light tanks for close support or fast recon.
In my opinion the tanks of the japanese imperial army
was not good both in armament and in armour.
I have built up collection with a bulk of many light tanks
to hit on many front simultaneously and try to make
the enemy to advance into dense terrain where I have
placed a lot of light anti-tank-cannons.
I also have two sections of medium tanks but these
are for protection and to hit very vulnerable front-sections.
The infantry of the japanese is more interessting and
I like that they come with lots of light mortars to
barrage the enemy when advancing.
On these pictures I have no picture of my Nikuhaku teams
or as translated into english "human bullet teams" used
to take out enemy tanks with molotov-coctails.
Very interessting to paint these models and figures and I
can´t wait to test them on the gaming table in Flames of
war version 3.


My completed collection of 15mm-figures/models

Last weekend I collected a big package from the local postoffice.
I have bought and completed my collection of 15mm figures to
the boardgame : Flames of war V3.
First up is rivers that also will be used to all of my other games.
Very useful and I have been looking for these modular river-sections
made in prepainted rubber/plastic.
Together with the rivers two "metal-frame-bridges" was sent to me.
They look o.k but the need some fixing before going live.
My friend Johan had made a very good package using soft sheets
of foam rubber to pack 4 pieces of Type 89 Chi-ro tanks and 13 pieces
of Type 95 Ha go-tanks.
The Type 89 Chi-Ro are medium class and early war and the type 89
Ha go are light tanks.
Together with another 4  type 89 Ha go-tanks and finally Type 97 Chi
Ha tanks of medium class I think I feel ready to make some difference
on the gaming-table. :)
Next is two japanese Zero-fighters that can be fitted with small bombs
for close groundsupport. The bombs are either 30 kg or 60 kg.
The last plane is a german ME 262 that could really tip the odds with
4 pieces of  30mm automatic-cannons and 2 bombs (250kg).
To add some more boots on the ground for my eastern front scenarios
1944-45 I have also bought 20mm flak and infantry with Stg44 and
panzerfausts. Also nebelwerfers and Pak 40 will be of use.
Last but not least I bought some bases without cannons but with
personel and ammunition, these will be fitted with some loose
88mm that has been waiting in the bits-box.
My coming conversion-project is to make a lot of japanese 47mm
anti-tank cannons using the cannon-pipes from russian 45mm
antitank-guns. I will make the frontplate, wheels and mounting
myself and add some personel (see picture).
The japanese 47mm antitank-cannon is not so bad when it comes
to pentration with a grenade if you use it tactically.
From a distance of 230 metres the Type 1 APHE shell pentrates 76mm
in good conditions and 910 metres 51mm.
The russian T-34 tank has a armour-thickness of 45mm in the front
and 40mm on the sides.
Very nice finds indeed but now I need some time for repaint and fixing.
Only nice "problems" to come. :)