Inspiration and extras - 6mm

First step in my 6mm-project is to make a nice
scenery during the cold-war. Several years ago
I tested making simple templates to make building
and cut out the shapes in scale using polystyrene.
The house is not 1:285 or 1:300 but smaller but
the technique works and its pictured for inspiration.
When getting the templates right I will use the
scale 1:300 and also make bricks/walltextures in
a photo-editing-program before printing.
Next up is game-markers that I have made both for
my soviets and swedes. It is fun to make and also
very personal. I used the swedish M90-camo-pattern
for my swedish template and I also couldn´t resist
adding the engineer-symbol on the mines-marker as
a former member of the swedish royla engineers in
the dense woods of Småland (county north of scania).
The third inspiration-tip is books and catalogues that
describe the cold war era both in Soviet union and
Sweden. I also took pictures of recruitments posters
to make more women and men to join the swedish
armed forces for a professional career.
Soviet war-machine is a classic and also the books 
from Osprey publishing. In my military library I have
saved a lot of outdated instruction-manuals and also
written tactics that describe the cold war-era as it was
viewed in Sweden. One of my own favourites are the
inspiration-catalogue made by Tamiya about the russian
"modern" tanks. Very nice pictures and also a lot of
smiling russian soldiers eventhough it was very "cold"
times in those days in the eighties. :) 


Soviets and swedes - Cold war 6mm

Last friday a very nice package arrived to my home.
I bought some 
6mm models and figures to play cold war-
games between soviets 
and swedes. Very nice models indeed.
I decided to start playing games in this scale very long ago but
it was until now I made the final step. One of the reasons
for this final push is that I have limited space at home and 6mm
are very handy and you can build a lot and able to store it.
My dream is to build a urban scenery with lots of details.
I will probably build a city-table with modular slots to place buildings.
The buildings will be in two different versions: whole and ruined.
First I will build a table with woodlands, small traditional swedish-
red houses that are very common on the countryside.
The first table will also be fitted with rivers, lakes and roads.
In the future I will also plan to buy some more to complete my collection
especially more troops and transport.
The game-system for this will be Cold war-FoW or a Fistful of Tows.


Woodland fighting, once again

During the vacation this summer I managed to
play a interessting table once again with woodland-
Fun and intense between Space wolves and IG.
My IG got beaten once again and probably be-
cause of my lack of AA. Next up will be a Hydra-
conversion that will bring down any "bad-birds"
flying in the sky. My mortars lived up to the task
very well and my opponents didn´t like the heavy
rain at all... :)

A fun gaming-session indeed!


Converted Fallschirmjägers

Several years ago I visited a local second-hand-market 
at the gaming-club and found some Bauhaus hussars to
the game: Warzone mutant chronicles.
The scale is a little bit oversized in comparison to my
other 28mm figures but this is not a problem because
I will use these figures as mean german Fallschirm-
jägers with gene-manipulated bodys to the game Secrets
of the third reich. I got this idea to this project when
I first looked at them by the table. The reason why it
has taken so long to complete this project is that I was
short on 10 jet-packs but now I have found some on
second hand from GW and their WH40k-range.
In Sotr these Fallschirmjägers are quite fun to play but
not to meet as an enemy. I encountered these flying
figures when I played with my russians and the literally
flew through my lines and attacked my soldiers from all
angles and especially my soft targets in the rear...
I will probably also add som kind of wings and stab-
ilizers to give the figures more stability and also make them
look more realistic. I also made some base-plates using
5 mm plastic that was cut and made in a circular shape.
It will be a second report very soon. :)