6mm - Nato and US-groundforces

 Finally my NATO/US-groundforces are on its

way to be completed.When I bought most of

my collection of 6mm-models/figures the Soviets

were way to many in numbers to be challanged

by my then so little counterforce.

I have invested in artillery and logistics this time.

My friend Michael living in Barnsley, UK helped me

also this time and I must say I am very greatful.

Thankyou Michael! :)

UK/Nato FV4205 Chieftain bridge-layer (4 pcs)
UK/Nato FV4204 Chieftain ARV (4 pcs)
UK/Nato Tracked Rapier 49KB23 (4 pcs)
UK/Nato AS 90 Braveheart 15mm (4 pcs)
UK/Nato FV432 with mortars (4 pcs)

US Honest John, mobile rocketlauncher (4 pcs)
US M753 Lance, mobile rockelauncher (4 pcs)
US M110 Howitzer  203mm (8 pcs)
US M35 truck (6 pcs)
US M47 sergeant York 40mm (4 pcs)
US M163 Vulcan (6 pcs)
US M2 Bradley Apc (6 pcs)
US M551 Sheridan light tank (6 pcs)
US Hummer weapons carrier with TOW (8 pcs)
US M60 Mbt with minerollers (4 pcs)
US Hummer personal carrier, recon (6 pcs)
US Hummer cargo carrier  (2 pcs)

I also got some extra US-recon vehicles(4 pcs) that

I strongly believe are the Scorpion ,

DPV (Desert patrol vehicle). See picture 11.

Very nice models and will be great fun to place on

the gaming table when painted.

Pine-trees 1/285

To make a table in the scale 1/285 with a "true"

Scandinavian look, you need pine-trees!

The easy way would be to buy them from the

retailer but to be creative is essential in my hobby.

Because we are in the middle of moving a lot of

things in our house will be donated or thrown away

and one plastic Christmas tree didn´t make it to

our new home. I plan to use the plastic-branches to my

own pine-trees in 6mm-scale. My first very simple

test was to cut them and see if they fit. One and one

they look very simple but "en masse" the will look

good. I plan to paint them with some kind of highlight

to get a "deeper" and more living shade.

I will mount the trees to both bases with a rocky look

and in group. The bases will be cut in rounded squares

probably in sinze 60x60mm. This report is the first of



Red storm is rising 2

To make a diverse soviet-invasion-force I decided to
upgrade and complete my collection of land-forces.
I bought all the models from my friend Michael from
Barnsley in the UK and he guided me all the way to
assemble the small parts and bits.

I bought this:

Gaz 69 jeep  (4 pcs)
UAZ 469 jeep (2 pcs)
URAL truck (6 pcs)

ZU-23-2 AA (6 pcs)
BM-21 rocket (3 pcs)
9K52 Luna Frog-7 rocket (6 pcs)
2S3 Akatsiya 152 SPG (8 pcs)
2S1 Gvozdika  122 SPG (8 pcs)
SA-8 Gecko AA (3 pcs)
SA-13 Gopher AA (6 pcs)

SNAR 10M1 Radar 

T62 with mineroller (4 pcs)
Brem 80U engineering vehicle (4 pcs)

I also got 2 extra MT-LB-chassis I am not sure if
I will decide to use these as Storm(antitank), Gophers(AA)
or maybe as a mobile rocketlauncher similar to BM-21!?

All the models are beautiful detailed and with some
paint they will come alive. 

To base them will probably be fitted with rectangular
plates that will be almost as big as the model because
I am not so fond of the square-shape 30x30mm that is
the most common one.

All the models are made in the scale 1/285 (6mm) and
will be a part of my project Cold war-Sweden anno 1985.


IG - snipers and cards

Busy times but I found some really nice
snipers to my Imperial guard force.
The cloaks looks very good when painted,
so I couldn´t resist this buy.
I also purchased some gaming-cards that
will be used when playing the game


Necromunda/Ashwastes 2021

Before Christmas I bought some really nice figures
on second hand.
The package contained two figures that can be used as
mechas or power-armour/suits. These "mechanical-
figures" will also be a nice addition to my already
collected TAU-figures to convert.
The rest is spot on in my opinion to be played in a
I will convert the sitting sniper with a gun-mount on
a pipe to make the pose more realistic.
The gunman is also very nice and the details are "crisp"!
My favourite is the figure that I have named the wanderer
and this one will look amazing with paint and shading.
Nice finds indeed.

Flames of war 2021

 In the Christmas-time of 2020 I found some
more finds to my ever growing Flames of war-
Both germans and soviets.
First up is the Waffen ss-tank hunter-platoon 
containing 4 Schwimmwagen with crews.
A nice set with nice models and figures.
I also bought german artillery-crew to be used
to Pak 43 and 37mm-artillery.
Last but not least a Bergepanther(recovery-
vehicle) and a medium german mortar-platoon.
All the figures above are second hand and I got
them for a very reasonable price (50%). 

To start playing the game I have been planning for
a long time and the russian setup has been the hard-
est to figure out. I will go for a core of a russian
engineer/sapper battalion because the are so diverse.
Maybe I chose this because I am a former member
of the royal swedish engineers!? :)
Before Christmas I order a very nice set of russian
engineers and they look really good and best of all
is that they are made of tin!
On top of all this I also added some soviet MG-figures
but these "chaps" are made in plastic but as you say:
you can´t win all the time. :)