2020 Retrospective

 The year 2020 was a very hectic one but also a good one despite pandemic.

I changed profession and started a new career but similiar to my previous.

This was a very good choice because my new branch was not affected very much 

by the pandemic but previous within carpentry were hit severe.

I became father for the fourth time in 5 years. :) Everybody thinks that this

was not planned but it is! Fantastic.

I have also made a lot of renovation on our house. A tire-rack made of pine-wood.

A smart storage for all my bolts,nails etc and tolls. This storage is two-sided and

on the back a working-bench is placed side by side. The storage also has a hidden

compartment in  the middle hiding saws, axes and sharp tools, this to protect my

small children. Very nice and also two big compartments to storage firewood.

I also constructed a long fence outside our house and I like the look very much and

it feels much more solid than the previous one(that was crumbling).

I also widened the entrace to our house and now we can park our cars side by side.

A lot to do but most welcome when finished.

My hobby and also my blog has not so active according to all the projects above but

still I have started my dream to play cold war in the scale 6mm with swedish, soviet and

nato-forces. This will be very fun and I am looking forward painting my big collection

of models as soon as possible in 2021.

Next will be my big collection for the game Flames of war. Now I have decided how I will

build my main soviet ww2-force in the 15mm-scale. I have chosen a engineer/sapper battalion

mainly because it is so versatile: infantry, armour, flamers etc

I also started a new project and first up are som models of my own. I drawn these small

antitank-cannons in the scale of 15mm and I am looking forward open the package when

arriving to my postbox. I also printed some free models from Thinginverse to complete

my Flames of war-collection. Especially Kettenkrads and Opel-maultiers on tracks will be 

nice models on the gaming table. All the models on the pictures are made i 3D-resin.

I have also printed som lend-lease-vehicles to be able to mount my soviet spetsnaz.

This year I plan to make some buildings both to my 6mm and 15mm collection. I will also

scratch-build som spruce forest to both scales above. I also like the idea of making

some tuft and eventhough it is cheap to buy I will try to be creative.

To all my readers out there: stay safe and a late Happy new year 2021


Flames of war - collection of german vehicles and artillery

My collection of 15mm german vehicles and artillery.
From left to right you can see my heavy armour,self-
propelled artillery. Medium size tanks, transport,Goliath.
MBT, Stugs, tracked transport, armoured cars.
Anti aircraft, Flying tankhunters and Me262.
The collection is almost complete except 2 more
STUGs and 4 sdkfz 251/52 because they are still
unbuilt. In 2021 I will paint as much as possible
and also convert my Sdkfz 251/52 to various models
as: Stuka zu fuss, bridgelayer, recon with 2cm A-cannon
and finally the AA-version using 3 cannons side by side.

The artillery will be able to deliver quite some firepower
except heavy bombardment(15cm).
From left to right: 10,5cm, 88mm, 7,5cm PAK, Nebel-
werfer. Flak 3,7cm,  3,7cm PAK, HG 15cm, HG 7,5cm and
light and medium-size mortars.
Finally some motorcycles, heavy mortars and the
heavy Pak 43/41.

Next up will be a line-up with all my german infantry.

Game-markers and dices

Here are my latest find of game-markers and dices.
Very useful for most of the games that I am playing.
I especially like the arrows that are two-sided and
says "charge" and "retreat".
The transparent markers are to mark artillery-barrage
and flamers. Very nice indeed.

Flames of war - Soviet collection of vehicles and artillery

Here are some pictures of my collection containing
15mm soviet vehicles and artillery.
From left to right. Heavy tanks and tankhunters.
Light tanks and tracked AA(lend lease). 
MBT(T-34/85 and replaceable turrets for T-34/76).
Transport and armoured cars.

The artillery-collection is almost complete except
37mm light antitank-guns.
From left to right. Medium size guns and medium
size mortars. Heavy guns, heavy mortars, AA.
Flying tank-hunters(Sturmovik), transport, medium
size antitank-guns. 
Rocketlauncers(Katyusha) both BM-13 and BM-31,
self propelled guns SU-76.

Next up will be a line up with all my soviet infantry.

Flames of war - Japanese collection

 My complete collection of 15mm models and figures 

for Flames of war.

Flames of war - germans

My latest buy of 15 mm germans. I bought some
partisans and I also got an offer to buy these very
cheap. The Pak 43 is a deadly antitank-gun and will
be a nice addition to my collection. I also got a 
FJ MG-platoon with both MG34 and MG42.
Together with the models above a Schwimmwagen
and some german regular infantry came along.

Flames of war - Soviet partisans

My latest buy of 15mm models for Flames of war are the
Soviet partisans. I like the thought of using these for a 
stab in the back when playing wargames on the eastern
front. This forces will be able to deliver a heavy blow
when necessary. The force contain self-propelled
guns(lend lease), SU76i(german tanks that has been
converted after the defeat in Stalingrad), armoured
cars. The figures looks real nice and I will try to 
paint them all in 2021.