Siberian brute squad - Ready for action

Finally my Siberian brute squad is ready for some gaming.
As I wrote before I got these nice figures as a gift from my
friend and a great present it is!
Now they are painted and I think they look really brutal. :)
I have used the Army painter-warpaints/army green for the
frontal armour and I think this green colour is accurate if
you look at pictures of russian military-details in metal in
the era of WWII. To make some shades I have painted some
armourplates and details in the army green and other in Citadel/
Castellan green and this makes the shapes come alive.
In the rulebook of SoTR the siberian brute squad has a  dark
blue skin-tone but I have also added some lilac and I think this
looks better.
On the gaming table I will use these figures for close infantry-
support and in urban environment and in terrain that tanks can´t
operate I think they will be a tough nut to crack. :)


Russian WW2 zombies

During the days around swedish midsummer I managed
to finish both my russian zombies and my russian zombie-
squad with bombs for SoTR.

I think I have reached the right feeling with these chaps
and the final wash made the gritty-trick.
To get some inspiration I can name the norwegian low-
budget movie Dead snow II. It is not a good movie but
the making of the zombies is great.

I will use these figures mainly to the game Secrets of
the third reich but they could fit in almost any game.


Road to nowhere Part 1

This weekend it has been swedish national holiday and it is
called Midsummer. The weather was lovely and offered the
chance to celebrate under the clear blue sky.
I have also managed to acquire some left overs from grey/black-
desktop. This material is ideal for making desktops and
5mm thick with a mesh of threads underneath.
The material is easy to cut and the surface almost feels like
paved road. I have also made templates and converted them
to pdf. When I printed the templates I made a first sample 
but this was not accurate and I adjutsed the pdf-print to 101%
and then it was spot on. The width of the road is 95mm and 
my modelcars are 35mm and this offer the road to have two
lanes. Next step is to cut all the parts clean from leftovers
and after that I will stripe them. I am also planning to make

small parts with striped pedestrian-crossing-points.
To outline my templates on the desktop I have used a
simple whiteshaded-pencil.

Feel free to contact me if you want me to send you the pdf-
templates by E-mail. This is the first report out of two about
the manufacturing of roads. To be continued.  


Siberian brute squad and zombies

Now I have based and also built my Siberian
brute squad from Westwind games. I think they
look a lot better in reality than on the inspirational
pictures from the manufacturer.
With some paint and a worn-look I think these
figures will really "shine" on the gaming table. :)
I have made some rocks to make the "feeling"
more rough and "brutal" and I am planning to
paint the bases to look like snow.
I also publish some pictures of my now based zombies.
I am also planning to paint the bases in white.
To make the zombies more individual I have used
some heads from Zombie-horde made by Wargames
factory and also added necks(handmade).

The Mecha-ace, Samokhin, is a favourite and I really
like this figure. Next step for making scratch-built
mecha-platoon of my own is to cut out the frames and
I am now finished in the planning how to make these.
I also want to send a big thankyou to Andreas that gave

me the Siberian brute squad as a gift.
Next report will show all the figures painted.

Enjoy the pictures!


US beats the USSR

Today it is my birthday and I can´t think of a better way
to celebrate this than publish a new report and say a big
hello to my fellow figure-gamers outthere. :)
Last sunday I played a game of SoTR with my friend
Andreas. As always it was fun and intense but this 
game was short and never completely finished because
I was forced to withdraw because of tasks at home.
The points were set to 35points each and to me this

figure was ideal. The goal of the game was to decimate
the opponent to 75% casualities but we only reached
40% before the bell rang.
I also tried to test my combat engineers but they never
got contact with the enemy but I really like them both
for the stats and the look. :)
The americans won this game and next time I will also
use my Siberian brute squad and maybe my new zombies
with explosives. :) To summarize this game it was fun and
fast but also short. I am really looking forward to the next
game. Enjoy my pictures!