2016 in retrospective

With this report I will send out a big Happy New year 2017
to all you out there that have supported me and my hobby
during 2016.
It has been a real hectic year but eventhough all the things
that have happened I have foud time for my hobby and
this has given me a lot of joy.
When I was 15 years old I went to Games workshop in
Nottingham, Hilltop and this was a nice experience
but after that I somehow lost inspiration and it was a
big break until 2012 that I felt real sad that I picked 
up this hobby again and it gave me a lot of happiness
back to my life and also new friends and I must say
that the gaming and miniature-scene has developed 
to the better since 1980-ies.
To all you out there that hesitate to start playing games
and painting figures and to make gaming-scenery: DON´T! :)
Down below I have published pictures from all
my projects during 2016.This include painting figures,
conversions, making scenery and furnishing my 
hobby-area/Man-cave. :) The pictures are placed chronological
starting in january and ending in december (zombiehorde). 
See you in 2017!



Third factory-building - Wip

The time has come to complete my third factory-building
and the project is in full swing.
I have made a simple sketch to illustrate the finished building.
I also made a machine out of leftovers that is mobile if necessary.
The inspiration to all my factories are from the
1930-40 and both from England and Russia.
In my opinion both countries in this era built a lot
of industrial buildings with the right feeling.
The building is intended to be a bombed out
machine-hall with a connected storage-tower.
All will be used in the 28mm scale.
This is the first out of two and the final report
will show the model finished with complete roof and 
tower and all the details painted.


Obstacles part 1

Everybody in the house are at sleep except me. :)
I have started making some obstacles to complete
a roadblock/checkpoint in the 28mm scale.
Most of the plastics on display are finds from the
fleemarket and together they will complete my
plan. Firstly the back of the stapled sandbags looks
not good and I will put some "planks" made from
coffee-stirrers and also level up the ground with a
"plateau" also made out of the coffee-stirrers.
I will also make some roof out of corrugated
cardboard and camo-net from coloured gauze.
The orange cones will also be painted with white
boards. The flashlights will need some painting and
also the "halt-sign". The halt-sign is converted using
bits from GW (mainly shields to WHFB).
The big block with crossed metal-beams on both sides
will be painted and fitted with a beam that will look
more like a 
metal H-beam wrapped with barbed wire.

Finally I have also come across some polystyrene that
can be used as either tank-obstacles or movable concrete
walls. I have made a small sketch to illustrate how I
will make these walls using the polystyrene in the
middle and cutout cardboard on both sides that will
fixate a center-placed foamboad.
The foamboard will also be fitted with scratches,
cracks, bullet-marks and open holes with metal-
grids to make the right look.
Next report will show all the obstacles painted and
completed. To be continued.


Zombie-horde part 1

Being a father and all the duties related to Christmas I have
had little time to my hobby but here is a new report.
I have a total of 38 zombies to use as a zombiehorde and
now I have managed to paint 16 of these fearful creatures.
I have used different shades of green to symbolize decay
in various stages and highlighted with Citadel Rotting flesh(61-43).
I am quite satisfied with the result and I think they all 
look disgusting. The zombies are a mixture of Games workshop
and Wargames factory with some converted bits.
These zombies will be used for both Warhammer and
all kinds of Post apocalyptic-games.
I also end this report with a delayed Merry Christmas and
I hope you all readers will get a real nice holiday with
relaxation and a lot of hobby-work and inspiration.


X-mas gifts for myself

After being a father for the second time I am probably not
designated to get more gifts this year but decided to bend
the rules just a little bit... :)
I have been looking for these 10 bikers from West wind for  
a long time and also the nuns and the townfolks from the
same manufacturer and now I took the final step.
The bikers will bring a lot of nice gameplay in the Fallout-
skirmish and it will also bring a lot of more dynamic.
I am quite pleased with the look of the bikers and the
equipment looks nice and I will probably make this
figures right out of the box with no conversions.
The townfolks are really nice figures and they will be
used in pirate-skirmish-games.

The nuns will be used together with the preacherman 
waving the cross and I am curious how they will look
with some lick of paint.
The rest of the townfolk could be used both on land and
as captains or seafolks.
Finally I also bought some special characters for post-
apocalyptic gameplay from EM-4. These two figures looks
really good and menacing as badguys.
To top all these buys I also bougth some second hand figures
from Games workshop together with extra bits.
As always it is more fun to buy bits and odd-stuff and this
was also the case in this buy.
Most of the figures can be used in Fallout-skirmish but
the Cadian flag-bearer will be used in Warhammer 40k.
The figurer with the overcoat missed the front end of his
rifle and I will convert the reamaining part to a rocket-
launcher to be able to knock out combat cars and other
vehicles and mechas.
The bits I used first was the arm with the sabre and the coat
to make sea-captain to be played in a pirate-setting.
Alltogether some really nice Christmas gifts for me. :)

Today I went shopping with my wife and we also made a
quick stop at the cheap-store to buy some extra things for
the household. There I found three really cheap policecars.
They are excellent for conversion and will be used in
Fallout-skirmish. I will most likely repaint them and make
new markings and add some bumbers and extra equipment
to make them look more realistic. A great find indeed. :)