Russians beat the english

This sunday I met my friend Andreas on the gaming table again.This time he played the british and I the russians. I hadn´t the time to paint all my figures but I wanted to test them in the game of SoTR.
We agreed on 50 points each but I only got 36 points
because I was short in figures but I gave Andreas some advantage. Andreas went for a setup that was very aggressive and made for rapid advance with a sherman-tank and all the troops mounted in two APC´s. The only slow force was his heavy infantry.
I had troops dug in and one tank and my medium
mortar.My big advantage was that the russians in SoTR is very good at camouflage. This meant that I could shot at my opponent and he couldn´t strike back from a distance. The game was very bloody
and I really like to play the russians because of all the antitank-rifles and the mortar.

One nice thing was that I used my only tank very aggressive and after knocking out Andreas only tank with one of my antitank-rifle I then rammed one of his APC and halted his advance.
In the middle I also pounded his troops and APC´s with mortar fire and I got lucky with the dices several times.It ended with a russian victory after throwing
handgrenades over a ruined wall on the british

The game was fun to play and very intense but also very even. I am really looking forward playing this again.
The gamingboard I

Troop-movement and clashes

The gamingboard II

Mortarfire on the british advance

Russian and british movement

Russian setup

The beast (зверь) on the move

British setup

Russian victory!


Russian soldiers

These are my russian soldiers when to play SoTR.
One error on the picture is that all Corporals are not the right rank, it is sgt (Lt is only in the command squad). The troops are all elite and have the ability: camouflage. Ofcourse will the soldiers be painted

and fitted with nice bases in the future.Some fitting
and addition with extra equipment will also be made.

This is the line up:

Command squad: 6 points
1 Cpl: Sniper rifle
1 Commissar: Babuschka(pistol)
1 Mech rifle (anti tank)
1 PPSH-A (Automatic rifle) I have used AK-47 on the figure
All have grenades and bayonet

Squad 3: 8 points
1 Sgt: PPSH-K
1 Cpl: PPSH-K
1 Mech rifle(anti tank)
1 Packed Dushka´s(I have used DP-28 on the figure)
1 RPG (medium AT)
All have grenades and bayonet

Squad 2: 6 points
1 Sgt: PPSH-K
1 Cpl: PPSH-K
1 Mech rifle(anti tank)
1 Packed Dushka´s(I have used DP-28 on the figure)
All have grenades and bayonet

Squad 1: 6 points
1 Sgt: PPSH-K
1 Cpl: PPSH-K
1 Mech rifle(anti tank)
1 Packed Dushka´s(I have used DP-28 on the figure)
All have grenades and bayonet

Mech rifle team: 1 point
1 Cpl: Mech rifle (anti tank) + pistol
1 Rifle
Both have grenades

Support: 1 Heavy Machinegun: 3 points

Total: Camouflage: 7 points + 27 points = 34 points

Tomorrow I will test this line-up on the gaming table together with my mobile mortarcarrier and some tanks.It will be exciting. :)


Russian mortarcarrier

The russian mortarcarrier/armoured-car is now
ready-painted. I think it looks quite brutal with
some paint added and it will look real good
on the gaming table.I primarily will use this
vehicle as a mobile mortarcarrier in the game
of SoTR.

Den ryska granatkastarbilen/pansarbilen är nu

färdigmålad. Jag tycker att fordonet ser ganska
brutalt ut med färg och det kommer att pryda
sin plats på spelbordet. Jag kommer huvud-
sakligen att använda detta fordon i speletSoTR.


Russian mortarcarrier

Today I have finished building my russian 
mortar-carrier/armoured car. I found the
chassi on the local supermarket real cheap
and the best with this car is that it is made
of plastic and this offer great opportunities
to convert. The car costed only 2 Euros and
came in pairs. I will primarily use this car
in the game of SoTR and its main purpose
will be to shell my opponent with mortar-
grenades.I will keep you all updated when
I have put some paint on the car. :) 

Idag har jag byggt klart min ryska mobila
granatkastarramp / pansarbil.Jag köpte den
billigt i den lokala mataffären och det bästa 
med denna bil är att den är tillverkad i plast
och då finns det stora möjligheter till konvert-
ering. Bilen kostade bara 20 kr och kom i
en sats med två. Jag kommer huvudsakligen
att använda denna bil i SoTR och som granat-
kastarbil för att bombardera min motståndare.
Jag kommer att skriva en ny rapport när jag
målat bilen. :)

Car with spotter


Woodland skirmishes

Last weekend me and my friend Andreas played
a game of SoTR.The rules were set to 50 points
each. I used my regular setup of troops but tried
a new tactic and spreaded my zombies on three
sections.This new zombie-tactic was great and
I got enemy-contact with 1 out of three instead
of just moving. Andreas used three APC and
riflesquads and also heavy infantry(armoured).
The game was very intense and bloody and the
victory went to Andreas and the english. Fun.

Förra helgen spelade jag och min kompis Andreas
en ny runda SoTR. Vi kom överens om 50 poäng
vardera.Jag köpte min vanliga uppsättning men
testade en ny taktik med min zombies.Den nya
taktiken var enkel men jag valde att sprida ut
dessa i tre sektorer istället för en. Detta resulterade
i att jag fick kontakt med fienden i en istället för
att som tidigare bara flytta. Andreas använde sig
av tre pansarfordon med uppsuttet infanteri med
fristående skyttegrupper och tungt bepansrat infanteri. Spelet blev blodigt men intensivt. Vinnaren blev med knapp mariginal: Andreas och hans engelsmän. Kul!

Gaming board: Woodland

The setup.

German advance

English advance

German mortarfire

English take first action

Flamers halt APC