Imperial guard version 2.0

The bulk of my force of Imperial guardsmen were bought
second hand and already painted.(see the single-
standing guardsman with laser-rifle).
I have played games with these figures but not until 
now that I have taken the step to upgrade the camo
to a colour that I really like. The camo is inspired
from both the modern danish armycamo and the 
old bundeswehr-camo fom the 1980/90-era.
The finished result can be seen on the tanks and
the single sitting sniper.
All the figures are not finished but I am almost
there. I will also paint my priest, commissar and my
third laser-cannon-team.


They have arrived

Yeasterday my last find arrived in the mailbox.
Real nice figures indeed.
First up is the commissar that looks very good
and will be a nice addition to my other.
These figures are not nice but do a great job
to keep order in the ranks.
Next is the third Lasercannon to my collection.
After playing a game with my friend Olle this
summer I found out that these weaponsystems are
both cheap but powerful and they did a great job
to decimate Olles spacewolves.
Last but not least I bought 4 guardsmen with shotguns.
I like the look and they will probably perform
good in urban fighting. I have one guardsman with
shotgun already to my second veteran-squad.
The guradsmen with shotguns looks like china-
cast or forgeworld and comes with prefab-bases.
Very nice addition for my next game with Olle.
Next project will be to paint these figures and
make a base for the laser cannon with more 


Upgrading german apc and more 40k-finds

After looking in my 15mm bits-box I found some
interessting turrets together with my russian armoury.
I bought all these second hand and the turrets didn´t
look soviet ww2 at all.
I have made some research and these turrets are taken
from small german apc´s named sdkfz 250/9.
I have 3 of these and I am planning to convert these
to fit my sdkfz 251 and make them into the late
model called sdkfz 251/23.
This vehicle is fitted with a 20mm a-cannon and
also a HMG and will be a powerful APC and support-
Next up is that I have made some 40k-finds...again.:)
This time I have bought my third Laser-cannon and
also a commissar and finally 4 guardsmen with
shotguns.Nice figures indeed and will fill up the
ranks perfectly.


More items for Flames of war

Yeasterday I nice package arrived.I have completed my german
force with artillery and transport. All was bought second hand
and I am very pleased with the haul. All models will be repainted
in late war-colours. The sdkfz 250/251 will be converted and
upgraded with Stuka zu fuss. The Pak38 will be fitted with stiel-
granate to be able to knock out heavier tanks.
Finally I must mention that I have received a 88mm with a cover-
plate and also two half-tracked vehicles with a 88mm mounted
on top (88mm Flak18(sfi) and zugkraftwagen 12t -  sdkfz 8).
These two half-tracked artillery-vehicles are a treat for the
eye and I like them a lot. Historically they were put out of
service already in 1943 but I will use them in late war because
I have seen them on moving pictures when Germany surrendered in
1945. Now I feel that my german force is complete but still there
are a lot of paintjob to do. :)
Reading the book Stalins Europe I have found a lot of usable information
how to make my two fighting forces and how to equip them.
The infantry will be painted as ss-panzergreandiers, volksgrenadiers,
regular infantry and panzerpioners/engineers. 
Next up is more figures but this time the soviets.I have decided to
make one strelkovy company and one engineer/sapper company.
The strelkovy will be painted in late war colours and a mixture of
second hand and new bought figures.
The sapper company will be fitted with MG and very good for urban 
fighting and painted in brown/beige camo.
I will need about 96 strelkovy-infantry and 87 sappers to make up
two complete forces.
Last up is my home-made flames of war-markers and I think they will
do the job and it is also nice to have a personal touch on these.


German force is growing

Finally I am starting to get my german counterforce
ready for playing in the game Flames of war. 
As you see on the pictures I have bought some 
infantry to come along with my tanks.
I have also strengthened my force with more
stugs and a sdkfz 250/251.
I will repaint my volksgrenadiere to be able to
play in not so snowy scenery and also add an
extra Pak 40 to be able to halt the russian tanks
more effectively. Not shown on the pictures are
my panzer-grenadiers that will be painted and
played as Waffen ss and in peadot-camo.
On the last picture I have published a picture
showing more russian tanks that I bought second-
hand and will come handy when playing in a big 
scale(you can´t have to many russian tanks): :)
Last but not least I have a final buy to complete
my german force with more artillery.
This buy is not home yet but it will if I am lucky.
I will also publish a report on my second hand
buy that I made two years ago when I bought
a big bunch of german artillery-personel.
These chaps will form mortar-teams and also
heavy MG-teams and pioneers.
Very nice setup when finished and I have already
started sketching on the Seelow-map for the big
battle on the Seelow-heigths east of Berlin 1945.