Second veteran-squad

In my preparations for my first serious table-top-gaming in
my new house I have built a secon veteran squad to my 
Imperial guard(Warhammer 40 000). All the bits are bought
on second hand I have made a lot of nice finds.
The troops have a lot of firepower and my idea was to make 
them "a bad ass bunch" and I guess it shows. 
The commander has also tied a trophy on his belt from a 
fallen enemy. :)
Weapons like melta-gun and combat-shotgun are both new to me
and I am looking forward "using" them on any prey.
Next step will be the lick of paint and the banner will also
be upgraded with the colours red, white and black.
Fun times ahead! 


War-rig for the wastelands

Last friday I went to buy some flower for the Mrs in my village.
In the supermarket nearby they had sales on various articles and
I made a real find. One big truck together with two small cars
for only 1.8 Euros. A bargain!!!
I plan to reconstruct both trucks and convert them into war-rigs
for Ash-wastes-gaming(Necromunda/Fallout warfare).
The roof on the trailer will be removable to place figures inside and
on top.Small hatchets will be made for fire on both sides of the
trailer. The truck itself will be fitted with a big ram/"plough"
that will be sloped and fitted with "nails/sharp sticks".
I will make some sketches further on and publish them here before
starting this project.
The rear will still be fitted with a ramp to be able to host smaller
"combat-cars inside". It will be great fun playing table-top games
using these trucks together with mechas and infantry/gangers.