SAGA-unit ready for gaming

Finally my unit of norman riders,infantry,bowmen and
crossbowmen is ready for gaming.
Due to taking care of my family, renovation on our
house and garden this has been delayed.
The only thing that is remaining is basing and also
ugrading the bases of my crossbowmen.
The upgrade of basing will include more twigs,
flock,small rocks and small vegetation.
I will in this project also trim the grass on the infantry.
I publish both some pictures of the latest paint-
job on my remaining normans but also my now
completed force.I hope this will give you all some


Basing on Norman riders

Now I have completed the basing of three
norman riders out of nine.I like the grass
and I think they look both wild and threat-
ening this way. I have also put on some

sand and PVA. I gathered both my foot-
soldiers and the updated archers for some

grouppictures. I hope that you find them

Norman archers

Last week I got a nice gift from my friend Olle.
It was a bundle of thin metal-thread.This thread
is very elastic and suitable for delicate projects
so I started with making arrow strings for my
norman archers. I think they look a lot more
realistic with the thread and it wasn´t that hard
to do so it is a advice to all of you to make it.
I also made some inspirational pictures.
Thankyou Olle! :)


Normans for SAGA

Eventhough I have digged a ditch in my garden that is
10 metres long and 0,5metres wide and 0,5metres deep
by hand I have managed to spare some time for my hobby. :)

I have painted som normans to the game SAGA but 
also for other games in the medieval era.
I am quite satisfied with the shields and using wash made
them come alive and also to get that worn and dusty look.
Left to do is to make bases for the riders.
Now I only have 16 figures left to paint before my set of
figures are ready to play SAGA.New reports are on its way.