A lot of great finds

Last weekend it was second hand market
on the gaming-club here in Lund and it
was a real nice gathering. I sold some of
my napoleonics and also donated some
of my RPG-games to a happy person.
I was looking for some bits and initially
I found some taken from the GW Flagellant
warband sprues.These rowdy bunch of
characters will be built as prisoners to

create the atmosphere in pirate-skirmish,
SoTR and also Apocalyptic games.
After this buy I found some Bauhaus hussars
and also a Mecha.

All this will come handy in SoTR.I am plan-
ning to paint and use these Hussars as 
german heavy paratroopers with jumpsuits.
The mecha will also be used i SoTR as a 
german supportvehicle. To my SoTR-russians
I bought a american flamethrower-team that

will be converted. Some very nice WH40k bits
will be the armament to my scratch-built russian
mechas in the future.Finally I bought some
really nice miniatures to the game of Empire of
the dead and they will be painted as evil priests
or occultist. I also bought some special characters
that could be used in almost any game.
A very nice bunch of finds for a total cost of
32 Euros. :)

The second hand market!

All the finds!


Flagellant warband-bits

Warzone Resurrection  Bauhaus:
Vulkan battlesuit- Mecha, Hussars,
Angelica Drachen

SoTR: Figures!
Samokhin (russian special character),
US Flamethrowers, German flamethrower

Empire of the dead: The brotherhood + Professor Erazmus


A simple road

To play games with miniatures you
need roads and I have found out how to
make these quick and simple.
The core of the road is made of MDF but
you could use almost anything that is
square and flat. I will also paint the edges
in a similar grey(not shown on the pictures).
The good thing is that you can easily build
a surface that looks like cobblestone.
To attach the printed cobblestone I have
used PVC-glue and on top of this I have
mounted sticky plastic-sheets to protect
the surface and the print.

När du spelar spel med miniatyrer
behöver du vägar och jag har hittat ett
smidigt sätt att lösa detta. 
Kärnan i denna modell är byggd av MDF
men du kan använda nästan vilken typ av
platta som helst.Jag kommer även att måla
kanterna i en passande grå färg(ej gjort på
bilderna).En bra sak med denna teknik är att
du med lätthet kan göra en väg med kuller-
sten.För att fästa utskriften med kullersten
har jag använt trälim och ovanpå detta har
jag klistrat självhäftande plast för att göra
ytan mindre känslig för slitage.


Britts and russians fail to capture evil priests

Last weekend I challanged my friend Andreas and his
british miniatures on the gaming table in a set of SoTR.
The points were raised with ten points to a total of 60p
to each player. This allowed me to use a light mecha
for the first time. My goal is to build my own set of mechas
to both my russians and germans but I have never played
with one mecha yet. My first demo-mecha had a MG and a 
flamer and the armour was light, in short this machine
is ideal for close support and versatile for skirmish.
In this game we also tried to play a mission instead of
just beating each player to oblivion. :)
The mission was to capture the three evil priests that
were lurking in the temple-ruin in the middle of the 
village. The rules were simple: kill the zombies and 
kidnap the priests and move them to your own sector.

First round the russians moved forward and started
running to reach the outskirt of the village.
The medium mortar started pounding the britts but
made little damage. The britts also started moving
towards the village. On the second round the britts made
a devastating blow that forced the russians to act more
defensive on the coming rounds. On the british airstrike

that started the second round they managed to whipe out
all soldiers in the command squad and also the entire
first squad. The russian mortar managed to answer the fire

and made the britts on the right flank to seek cover and
killed two.The britts two tanks fired up their engines and 
headed for the village. On the third round the russians mounted
on their tank and prepared to move into the town after a
bumpy ride. The mecha continued to move forward.The
squad in the middle reached the edge of the templeruin and
started shooting on every zombie in sight.
The british heavy infantry started moving and also the squad
on the left flank reach a threeline.On the next round the
tanks started fire from cover but little damage. The russian
jumped of their ride and stormed the nearest building.
One of the british tanks also managed to put a rocket into
the russian mecha and blew of one of the legs.
On the fifth round the britts on the left flank reached the
templeruin but got a heavy blow from the russian mortar
before they could do anything to the evil priests and this
decided the fate of the game to an even blow.
The britts didn´t give up on the right flank and blew up a
ruin and continued to fire on everything nearby.

A fun game but I had hoped for testing my mecha and after
a very hard blow initially I was on the defensive. Next time
I will use AA to protect from anything flying. :)


Evil priests and a mad scientist

Now I have completed painting my three
evil priests and also my mad scientist.
The mad priests will become useful
both in medieval skirmishes aswell as
in modern. 
The mad scientist is primarily going
to be used  as a special character
in the game of SoTR but he could also
fit into other kind of scenarios.

Nu har jag målat klart mina tre onda
präster och även min galna vetenskaps-
man.De onda prästerna kommer att
användas i både fantasy/medeltida
spel men även i sådana som utspelar
sig i det moderna eller framtida.
Den galna vetenskapsmannen ska främst
användas som specialkaraktär i SoTR men
kan även användas i andra spel.