Cadian stronghold meet the Mordians

To celebrate my move to a new apartment and to refresh my hobby I got a visit from my friend Christian.
Christian is a real 40k-ace and know the rule very good and have met him several times on the miniature battlefield. Last time I got beaten by him meeting his Blood angels and I lost a devestating
defeat but know he had changed his team to Mordians and named his battlegroup to Mordian 13:th Hellfighters. :)

We agreed to play with 1000 points each. During my move I have packed my Hellhound with a flamer into a invicible box and couldn´t find i anywhere and
I used another model of a Tiger I as temporary stand in.
My army-list for the battle looked like this:

Imperial guard-Cadians

1 command squad (commander, medic, bannerholder,radiooperator,heavy flamer)

Squad 1: commander, missile launcher, flamer, radiooperator, riflemen(6)
Optional choice: Grenadiers, veterans (+1 save)

Squad 2: commander, missile launcher, flamer, radiooperator, riflemen(6)
Optional choice: Grenadiers, veterans (+1 save)

Veteran squad: commander, missile launcher(2), radiooperator, riflemen(4),sniper and spotter

Sniper team (Ratling squad) 3 figures

Commissar (lord): camo cloak, carpace armour, Power weapon(sword)

3 mortar teams

1 Leman russ (1 laser, 2 plasmacanons, 1 heavy stubber)

1 Hellhound (flamer, multimelta)

The setup for the Mordians was roughly:

The Mordian 13:th Hellfighters:

Command squad

3 Lasercanon-squads
1 Heavy bolter-squad

1 sniper team (Ratling squad) 5 figures

3 rifle squads

1 special unit

The scenery:
The scenario we chose to play was called The relic. The relic I put on the gaming table was the emperors child and named on the picture as "the objective".

My forces came from the west and I chose to put on squad inside the stronghold and the command squad safe behind the ruin.
Squad 1 and 2 together with the commissar were placed behind the cover of the two tanks (Leman russ and Hellhound-"Tiger I")
Behind a small wood I grouped my three mortar-teams to give cover and suppressing fire.
Very close to the objective I places my ratling squad with sniperrifles to harass the Mordians that would advance on the bridge.

Mordians: Christian placed all his lasercanons behind the woods in the east. Near the bridge he placed heavy bolters and 50% of his rifle squads and the rest inside the river-fort. He also placed his ratling-squad on "my" side of the riverbank and in cover of the bridge.

Round 1:
My ratling-squad advanced forward and seized the objective but according to the rules not able to carry it away to a safe place. The ratlings grouped near
the corner of the river-fort to give fire to any forces near and on top of the bridge.
My main force together with tanks moved forward to a position to give fire against the invasion that likely would come from the bridge. According to a roll with the dices  the bridge became a undestroyable object and that was bad news for me.
The veteran squad moved to second floor inside the ruin to give fire and harass the forces that soon would advance on the bridge.
My mortar squads started send grenades on the ratling-squad and knocked out several of them.
The Mordians started moving towards the bridge and to the western palisades in the river fort.

Round 2:
My ratlings started shooting on the Mordian-ratlings near the bridge on "my" side and killed one of them. My Leman-russ turned left and started fireing on the mordians near the bridge on the other side of the riverbank. The veteran squad on the second floor moved out on the balcony to regroup and start the fire against the soldiers on the bridge.
My rifle-squads regrouped behind the Leman-russ. My hellhound (Tiger I) turned 180 degrees and moved to a position behind the ruin. My plan was to get in a better position and to use my heavy flamer when the Mordians were packed moving over the bridge.
My mortars knocked out the rest of the ratlings near the bridge and also dropped grenades on the mordians moving inside the river-fort. Both barrages were successfull. The Mordians shot against my mortars but made no damage because of my heavy cover.
The rest of the Mordians moved towards the bridge and the western palisades in the river-fort.

Round 3:
Now the battle went into a more intense phase. The Mordians were storming over the bridge. My Cadians reached the objective under heavy fire from the western palisade.
The veterans in the ruin got blasted away one by one...
My Hellhound started spraying the bridge with its heavy flamer.
The Leman russ continued to give covering fire on the bridge.
My mortars continued fireing on the bridge under fire from the lasercanons held by the Mordians.

Mordians never surrender...

Round 4:
The Mordians are over the bridge though decimated... The support from their fellow soldiers on the palisade continue firing on the Cadians below.
The Cadians below are now pulling back with the objective and get support from both the Leman russ and the Hellhound but half of the squad is cut of and retreat into the ruin and start to engage the remaining assault-troops from
the bridge.

Round 5:
Heavy hand to hand fighting but the Cadians manage to hold eventhough they die in numbers.
The Commissar is doing a great job and the lines hold and all the troops that still stand on their feets manage to pull back successfully with the object and victory to the Cadians is declared!

Victory to the Cadians!

A great game and it was really exciting to play because the both teams were so equal. This was my first big win in the game of Warhammer 40 000. :)
Thankyou Christian for a good sportmanship on the gaming table and looking forward to next game.

Mordians painted by Christian

Mordians painted by Christian

Mordians painted by Christian

Mordians painted by Christian

Mordians painted by Christian


Stronghold in ruins

Now I have finally moved to a new apartment and this is my first
publication from my new adress.
This weekend a friend from the woods came and paid me a visit and
for this meeting I prepared with some new scenery.
I built a stronghold in ruins to play a game between Cadians and
Mordians in the world of Warhammer 40 000.
All my paints were still unpacked and also all my plaster so the
ruin came out unpainted and very "raw".
Still I am pleased with the result and I think it will go well with
both medieval and modern skirmish-games.
The frame and base is made of pressed cardboard.

Next report will be with the ruin painted and fitted with more

Nu har jag äntligen flyttat till min nya lägenhet och detta blir mitt
första inlägg från min nya adress.
Under helgen som gick kom en av mina vänner från skogarna på
besök och jag tillverkade lite ny scenografi för ett eventuellt figurspel.
Jag byggde ett försvarsnäste i form av en ruin för att främst spela
med Cadians som skulle möta Mordians i spelet Warhammer 40 000.
Alla mina färger, spackel och gips var tyvärr fortfarande nerpackat
och därför blev resultatet ganska grovt.
Jag är dock nöjd med resultatet och tror att ruinen kommer att fungera
bra både vid medeltida såväl som moderna figurspelsbataljer.
Både stomme och basplatta är tillverkad av kartong.
Nästa rapport kommer att visa ruinen färdigmålad och med fler detaljer.