Bits to pirate-game and medieval warfare

Last weekend me and my family went to a big
market nearby to buy some finds to our home.
My wife found some nice pots and plates and
I found a plastic bag with goodies.
It was filled with scenery to be used in my
pirategame and also in my medieval setup.
The price was only 5 Euros for all that is on
the pictures and it was a bargain if you ask me.
The medieval scenery will be converted to fit
with my GW-fantasy gates and the wagons and
catapults will also be a nice addition.
The more primitive scenery will fit like a glove
when I will build my head-hunter-village to
the coming game Las Piratas.
Great fun indeed.


Hobbyroom 3.0

Finally and at last my hobby-room is now
ready for moving in and start making some
new inspirational projects.
It has been a journey so far but now it is
finished to 90%.
Remaining are: glass-shelves for my glass-
cabinet and also to connect my two computers
and further on to buy and install my 3d-
printer.The height under the roof is only
1900mm and I have been cutting and 
adjusting the furniture to fit but now every-
thing is in order.
It is so nice to have a room of my
own for my hobby and next good thing is
that this room is neighbour to the gaming-
room and this will help getting in to gaming
more rapidly in the future.
Very nice indeed!!!


Annual big gaming-session 2018

The time has come to write a report about my annual gaming-session that occur
once a year and preceeded with a lot of preparations and hobby-work.
I invited some friends to my new house in the countryside but only one hade
the will and "strength" to come.I really enjoy living in my/our new house and
the only backside of this new home is that it is situated in a small village
and you must travel by car or bus to get here.
On the the positive side me and my family new live in a totally renovated house
built in 1936 with a lot of space and harmony. I now also have a room of my 
own in the cellar with a lot of interessting items that are also sheltered from
small hands. :)
My friend Olle arrived to our house and it was a day filled with gaming, eating
and enjoying life in general. As a host I also bought some starters and snacks
and for me Chili cheese crunchers was a real nice experience. :)
For the gaming session (Warhhamer 40k) I had been building a lot of support to 
my Imperial guard and for once I feel that I can challenge my opponent.
Olle brought his upgraded Spacewolves and his newbought and converted Imperial
knight that I think looks very good and innovative.
The game itself was simple but we are both a bit rusty using the new rules and
this resulted in some searching and reading.
Two objectives were placed and the clock started. My tactic was to hammer on
the space-wolves advance before they could reach my lines for close combat and this
was a good thing. My opponents were strong but not so many in numbers and this
tipped over to my advantage. I won this game but we both had a lot of fun.



During my vacation I managed to squeeze in a gaming-session
together with my friend Christian(situated in the north). :)
Christian brought the new game from Games Workshop
called Renegade with him and eventhough it was new for
me a got a grip on the game relatively quick.
The game was also new for my friend and he was not
finished with the paintjob and it shows on "my" figure. :)
The game was played one against one and using mechas
with option to choose different weapons.
Christian had mounted magnets so it was very easy to
test the different armaments to the models.
Out of three games I won only one but it was great fun
and with a lot of excitement.
The only thing I missed was more figures and vehicles
on the table. My tip is to buy the starter-pack with
Renegade because it is great value for the money spent.
In the box you get two Mechas(Imperial knight), scenery
and the game-book to play.


Bits and more Jerrys

During my vacation I bought some more finds.
I have found some real nice bits of plastic to convert.
The cannon will be a part of a stronghold and will
be a pleasure for the eye when finished with more 
sandbags and a lot of camo-net. :)
The MG will be mounted on a scratchbuild war-
rig to play games in the Necromunda/Ash wastes.
The remaining old tree will be a part of my cemetary-
The plastic-profiles in the scale 1:72 will be converted
to details in grand buildings in my Berlin 1945-scenario
in the game Flames of war (15mm).
When unpacking some boxes I rediscovered some plastic
scenery that will be used both in 28mm and 15mm.
When relaxing with my family I bought a cake and
under the pastery I found a aluminium-"bowl" that
will be converted to a big artillery-crate when finished.
Last but not least I have bought some german infantry
on second hand after publishing an add.
The infantry will be a counter-part to my big russian
force in Fow.

The infantry will come together with 4 stugs and a 
apc (sdkfz 251) and a real find and very ueseful on the
gaming table when playing my scenario Berlin 1945.