Chimera 2.0 finished

When I started renovating this model it looked very
shabby but I thought that this would be real fun.
I have done a lot on this APC: coverplates for the
tracks, rings around the laserguns in the rear, 
shovel/ram, missile, tank commander, HMG and a 
lot of other details. With my selfinvented camo I
have named IG camo 2.0 I really like the outcome of
this renovation. On one picture you can also see
my other out of the box-build Chimera and eventhough
the coverplates for the tracks with scratch-built 
bolts I think the both blend in quite nicely.
Looking forward sending these vehicles out on a mission
on my next gaming-session. :)


Converted Basilisk

A friend offered me a second hand Basilisk for only 8 Euros
and eventhough some parts were missing (elevating device) I
thought it was a bargain because I saw a great deal of
potential in this model.
One thing I don´t like with the original GW-design is that
the rear compartment is to open.
If I would be a gunner at the artillery or a spoter I would
like to have some kind of shelter.
I have looked at german tracked vehicles from WW2 for inspiration
and the finished result is quite o.k and with the lick of
paint I think it blends in with the rest.
I have scratchbuilt the sidepanels and additional frontarmour
and also cut out bolts from plastic toothpicks.
I have also added more scratchbuilt details for the elevating-
mechanism. One voxcaster and one control-device has been
added for a more technical advanced look.
Gun racks and extra helmets and bags have been hung inside
the compartment to illustrate that is being used by the
personel. Finally I have made a small platform for the
artillery-spotter to be placed on.
The camo is my own invented "IG-camo V2".
I have never tested this model on the gaming table but I 
have been told that this artillery can be a turning point
if used tactical. I read this on a WH40k-fanpage : infantry
wins firefights, tanks win the battle and artillery wins war.
It will great fun to test this model later this summer.


Heavy weapon teams

To complete my collection of heavy weapon teams I am
missing one heavy bolter and one auto-cannon.
Looking in my bits-box I found out that I only was
missing two heads and one tripod to make a complete
assembly. The next step will be to make a foxhole
around the heavy bolter and a ruin with bricks around
the autocannon. I decided to make different bases
to be able to easy identify these figures on the
gaming-board.All the figures will be painted in my
self-invented IG camo 2.0. 


Bloodreavers en masse

Last week I bought some more figures both
for fantasy but also to use in Necromunda.
These muscle-men are bloodreavers from
Games workshop. For only 10 Euros a got
18 battleready figures.
I think these figures looks real tough and
mean and will fit in any bad-land-scenario.
They come from a easy-to-build-range and
this is not so good when it comes to make
any kind of conversion but I manage.
Next step will be to put on some paint.


Meltaguns and artillery-staff

To sharpen my teeth for this annual gaming-session 
later this summer I have bought some sharp-shooters
with meltaguns on second hand but also some figures
to serve my Basilisk(undergoing renovation).
The melta-shooters were all sold with american GI-heads
fitted with gas-masks for the SoTR-game.
I have swapped all three heads on the melta-shooters and
I am very pleased with the result as regular IG´s.
Last but not least I bought three artillery-staff for a long
time ago together with other second hand figures but
back then I had no use for these and they all ended up in
a cardboard-storage. Now I have updated and converted 
these figures and with the Basilisk-artillery the will
fit in real good.
In the next report all the figures will be painted in my
self-invented peadot woodland-camo.