Gaming-session of the year part 1

Now it is july and I have my vacation but best
of all is that my yearly gaming-session has occured.
For the second time in a row we played Warhammer
40 000 at my house.
The game WH40k is not my favourite but evethough
this fact I have been looking forward to this event
for a long time. I have made scenery, built a gaming-
table and also made a nice menu.
Last year we played with 3 participants but this year
we added one extra and this was great fun because
it meant more play and less waiting.
The invited were: Christian(the rulemaster), Andreas
(Mr Muscle) and Olle (the man with the dragon-tattoo).
The spirits were high and we agreed to play the latest
version of WH40k and the points were set to 50p each.
I played the Cadians together with Christian(Mordians)
and our enemies were the Blood angels(both Olle and Andreas).
Next report will be more in detail about the game.
At last I also want to show that Christian built a factory
that is pictured last in the session below and I think this
model looks real nice.


Another ruin

Last weekend I invited some friends for a
nice yearly set of game with miniatures.
I have looking forward to this event for a
long time and I also made a lot of preparations.
One of these preparations was to make
another ruined building. This building
was planned to have a lot of windows and
also several floors high.
With a simple technique I have made a 
usable scenery with some neo-classical
inspiration. I have used cardboard, poly-
styrene, ice cream-sticks, match-sticks,
kapa-board, PVA and paint(waterbased).
The scenery will be used for modern and
WW2-scenarios in the 28mm-scale.



Several months ago I started making scenery that
I really would need on the gaming-table and now
my three bunkers with sandbags are finished.
With a simple technique I am very pleased with
the result. I have used polystyrene for the sandbags,
cardboard for the base,corrugated cardboard to the
roof and matchsticks for the woodwork and 
coffee-stirrers for the "planks".
The camo-net is gauze drenched in PVA and finally
painted. I tested these bunker last weekend and I think
they came out real well on the gaming-table.


More Jerry-finds

Together with the tanks that I wrote about in my last
report I also bought some Jerry-minis.
Both for SoTR and traditional WW2-skirmish.
The two snipers are a treat for the eye but I will
repaint them in a more woodland-like colours
because I find this pattern to much desert.
The german tank-crews can both be used as
staff or vehicle-crews.
The medium mortar is primarily for SoTR
because of the uniform and equipment and
will be used a lot in the future together
with my homebuilt rocket-launchers.
The two officers will be converted and I
will use other heads that will look a lot more
menacing.The reason for this is that I intend
to use them as special-characters.
I also bought some tank-crews without weapons
for my tanks.Last but not least I got two tracks
for a 38t praga tank and these will be very useful
when scratchbuilding a tracked russian vehicle
for SoTR.

Tanks for the Jerrys

Last weekend a friend of mine at the local gaming-club
made me an offer that I couldn´t resist.
He offered me both tanks and crew for a neat sum of
60 Euros. I purchased both for 28mm and 15mm.
All of it was german and WW2.
The big tanks will be used both for Bolt Action and
Secrets of the third reich.
The medium tank (Panther Ausf D) will be a nice
support vehicle and the Wirbelwind will be a real
threat using the four 6mm A-cannons on PBI(poor
bloody infantry). The last tank in the 28mm-scale
is a Grille with a 10,5cm gun mounted on a Praga-
chassi(38t) and this will be used both for hammering
the infantry and grinding down strongholds and bunkers.
The Grille is the only tank that I will update with more
details and camo-net.
Last but not forgotten is the 15 tanks to Flames of war.
I bought all of these for my project Berlin 1945 and
together with my last buy this will make my german
tank-force complete. The tanks will be updated with
late-war-camo and also camonets and accessories.
Next to complete is the german
infantry that will be a mixture of Volksgrenadiere,
Volksturm, SS, Fallschirmjaegers and regulars.
This project will be great fun to build and will be
my biggest project so far with a city-scenery and
compartments both above and underground.
I will build both sewers and cellars and detailed
models of the city-center.
In my next report I will write about all the
miniatures that I bought.


Cars and mug

Yesterday I visited my local second hand
store on my way home from work.
I discovered these two cars that really
will fit into the Post Apocalypse-scenery.
I will repaint them and also make some
fittings for my modular weaponsystem.
I think both cars are slightly oversized
but they will do anyway.

I also found a very useful dice-mug in
leather and all this for only 4 Euros.
A nice summer-bargain indeed.