Vehicles for all scenarios

Last year I started collecting cars and vehicles to convert
and now I feel that I have enough to get "rolling". :)
The first two pictures show my finished cars mainly
to be used in SoTR, Fallout skirmish and WH40k.
The third and fourth picture show my unfinished
cars and vehicles.
The tractor with the horse-transport are my latest
find that I am planning to convert it to a storming
vehicle with a zombie-transport(Fallout skirmish).
Finally I have a picture of my favourite, the black
Cadillac and this will be entering the gaming table
without any ad-ons or extras.
The last two pictures show my VW Käfer that will
be converted to a german radar/recon vehicle to
be used in SoTR and a patrol-police car (BMW from
the 80ies) tha will be used as command-vehicle.
A lot to be done in the future but only fun. 


Helis to convert

Reading one of my friends(Joe) report about converting
helicopters I got a lot of inspiration.
Visiting my local second hand shop and also the
candy store recently really paid off.
I found two helicopters in bad condition but this is
no big obstacle when you are planing to convert.
The "red" helis were in different scales and I intend to
build them as troop-transport and heavy duty.
They cost me only 2 Euro each and this is a bargain
in my opinion.
My second find was two gunships that were stuffed
with candy.I visited the candy-shop to buy some
chocolate for my oldest daughter but I couldn´t
find the right brand and then I stumbled on the
two gunships and for only 1 Euro each I couldn´t
resist a buy. All models will be converted and
fitted with more guns and details and will be
painted in dark shades of grey, dark-green and
light blue. This will be a fun project and the finished
models will be used for SoTR, Fallout skirmish and
other future-wars.


Thankyou for all your support

Recently I published a blog-report 
about my machinehall that I have built in
blue polystyrene.I also published some photos
on the forum Terrain tutor terrainiacs and
my former gaming-club in the northern woods.
I got a very warm response and I want to thank
all of you out-there that liked and support my work.