Machinehall part 1

After many days of delay I am now finished building my machine-hall.
When I started building this ruined machine-hall I didn´t expect it to 
be so much details eventhough I had a sketch to start with.
Working with the model was fun but to summarize, the final details are
everything. When I started building the machine-hall I wanted to
make a model that could be placed together with my factory and also
act as a stronghold when playing a skirmish-game.
The tower is modular and can be built low or high and also be completely
removed.The exterior of the tower is built using coffee-stirrers and
its frame is cardboard. The hall is made of polystyrene.The walls have
a center made of light-weight poystyrene and all the bricks are cutouts
from high denisty polystyrene.
The baseplate is 5mm mdf with sand glued with PVA.
The pipes are made from black plastic straw and the big pipe is also
a straw made of cardboard.
The ventilation-cylinders are taken from the corks that comes together
with the bay-food Ellas kitchen. :)
Finally I have made a big opening on the floor situated under the roof
and this will be used for a additional companionway that will connect
this building to another. This addional detail was not original planned
for my project but I think this will be a strategic position for a sniper
or a scout when playing skirmish.Next step will be to paint the
whole model. I hope these pictures will inspire others! 
Have a nice weekend to you all.


Bucket of bits

Yesterday the mother of my friend Christian delivered a 
bucket of bits to my doorstep. 
I have won a bidding and bought it in my former hometown.
The bucket was a real bargain and cost me only 2,5 Euros!
A lot of nice stuff and I got a lot of inspiration when
I unpacked it. Firstly I will use some of the bits to my
evil-tribe in the pirate-skirmish that I am planning
in the future. I got a lot of things to use if I will build
a "sacrifice-place" for example  pile of skulls in various
shapes, mummys, seperate skulls etc.
I also got some complete figures made of tin and I
was especially fond of the skeleton.
Next thing will be to organize this pile of bits. :)


Black Cadillac

Yesterday I went for a recon in my local second hand shop
on my way home and I found a real nice car-model.
It was a Cadillac coup de ville 1976 in the scale 1:43.
Eventhough it isn´t the exact right scale I couldn´t help
buying it. It was in real good condition and probably a
collect car and not a toy. For 6 Euros I am quite pleased
with the buy. I will use it primarily for my post apocalyptic
game and maybe add a rough looking coupe with a roof
 that can be removed when not used. The coupe will also

be fitted with some kind of weapon-system or turret for
gaming in Car wars.