Mecha-bits and IG

Finally I have found the remaining bits
to complete one autocannon and one heavy
bolter to my Imperial guard force (WH40k).
I also bought three melta-guns and these 
figures will give my opponents armour some
challange on the gaming-table.

Next up is bits to be fitted on my project
to build german mechas (sotr).
Orc-weapons from WH40k looks great in
my opinion and with nice ammo-belts and
a rough look.
I also found some nice shotguns to use for
my jungle-fighters.

Very nice finds indeed. :)
Now I will go to sleep after a busy day with
my children.
Next report will be about how I have scratch-
built my own rocky-terrain.

Soviet-mechas and zombie-bombs

To build more mechas for Sotr I
have bought some very nice figures
from Dust tactics to make the bulk
of my soviet - mechas.
The figures are originally named 
AT-43 and very nice detailed.
I already have one with rockets and
a MG but the newly arrived are all
equipped with flamers and and MG´s.
These mechas will become very deadly
against german infantry in the game
Secrets of the third reich.
I also bought some soviet zombie-
bombs to make my russian force complete.
Two very nice second hand-finds indeed.

Finally I have published two pictures of 
my german mecha-force under construction.
I will probably not use the bodys of the
Tau-robots but the arms, legs and weaponry
are interessting. The bodys will be scratch-
built and I have not decided yet if these
mechas will be fitted with two or three legs!?

Garrek reavers- barbarians

Last week I won a bidding on some
very nice muscle-figures from GW.
They are from the Age of sigmar-
range but I will use these both for
Necromunda and medieval/fantasy-
games as mercenaries or champions.
These figures can also be used as
very mean-looking pirates. :)
These are pictures showing the figures
as the arrived and I will both update
the paintjob and the basing.


Jungle-fighters and bikers

After my son has been born I have been 
really busy but eventhough this fact I have
been managed some time for my hobby.
My third child has also gained some weight
(500 grams on two weeks).
I have had some plans to fill my ranks with
figures to play Necromunda - ash wastes and
focus right now has been more motor-bikes
and muscle-men.
On second hand I found a untouched box with
WH 40k-catachan jungle fighters and also
three space-marine-bikes.
The jungle-fighters are great to convert and I will
upgrade these figures with different heads and
more heavy-weapons.
The goal is to make these jungle fighters look more
like criminals with punk-haircuts.
Finally I have completed my collection with
motor-bikes and I now have 10 traditional bikes
with riders equipped with handguns and machine-
guns and four wh40k-bikes and another three wh40k-
bikes with sidecars and heavy-weapons.
This week I also bought some more bits with "tasty"
guns that will be incorporated in the project above
and a report on this buy will soon be published here.


Archers and musicians

Early january I bought some really nice miniatures
on second hand. Primarily archers for medieval
games. The elven archers will be used as elite-
archers with camo-painted cloaks. I really like
these elven-archers and in a woodland-scenery
they will come alive real good.
All the archers will be fitted with a thin metal-
wire for the right look.I have successfully
used a very thin metal-wire and this looks very
good and is not so hard to do.
Next up is two musicians that I have never seen
before but I think they are from the eighties and
from the brand Ral Partha. These two will be used
as special characters in my medieval games called
Hugg and slag (cut and blow).


My third Mini

Finally my third mini has arrived.
He was born on monday and was
in a hurry and the actual birth only
lasted for 26 minutes.
He was only 500mm long and 
weighed 3,3 kg.
I already have two minis but this
will also be a nice addition to
the future gaming-table. :)
As you can see(or not) I haven´t
been so active on my blog and with
my hobby because of the things I
wrote about (read above) but I will
be better and more active in 2019.