Heavy MC-support

When playing games in a post apocalyptic scenery I want to
create a Mad max-feeling and one very important actor in this
are the bikers. They are fast and can deliver punches from 
behind are no easy targets but when hit they are very vulnerable.
I have 10 singles bikes already but they are not ready for action yet.
These single-bikes only have light arms but looks great.
I really like the idea of making motorcycles with an sidecar
as a part of the game and these bikers will be able to hammer
with flamethrowers or heavy machine-guns.
I have looked at the bikes that are used in warhammer 40k and
will convert them and paint them to fit in this very hostile
world.First step in the conversion will be to swith heads and
remove as much space marines-details as possible.
I like the look of the heads on the pictures last in this report
and will paint the hairs in vivid/punk-colurs.
I bought all of these on a second hand market for 12
Euros and think they will fit in perfectly when finished.
All the weaponry is fitted with magnets and can be switched.
Very nice finds indeed.


From cake to crater

When playing miniature wargames I have found out that one
thing to get the right gritty and worn down feeling you need
the right type of scenery. Ruins are under construction but
I have never tried to make craters. My wife is a very skilled
woman and has a former career in the cake and pastery-
profession and from time to time I am invited to taste her
masterpieces. :) Not so long ago I ate some of her muffins
and cupcakes and after this lovely experience I sat down
with the leftovers and discovered that the aluminium-forms
would be a good frame to build up a crater from a grenade-shell.
I use the small craters for 100kg bombs and the big for 250kg
bombs. The pictures show the stages when making the craters
and I start with two plain layers of pva and after that
another two with mixed pva and sand.
To chamfer the space and the sharp edges in the ridge of the
big bombcrater I have use polystyrene as a base under the
layers of pva and sand.  
Last and final stage in this process will be the lick of paint
and shading(next report). I will also use som black in the
paintjob to 
symbolize burn out and dirt after an direct hit.


Figthing in the countryside

Last weekend me and my friend Olle once again clashed
on the gaming-table and this time it was on of the best
gaming-sessions ever.
The table was a woodland/countryside-scenery and it was
spot on for a fun and exciting game.
It was also fun to test my new-bought threes and eventhough
the lacked of paint and basing I liked them.
First up was a race towards the center-line of the table
and the spacewolves were first.
On the first round I lost all my clashes and the SW were
very successful knocking out one tank and wounding one
other. My Imperial guard were forced to advance with all
the troops before starting to bombard the enemy.
No air-cover this time and this is a good thing for my IG.
Eventhough my IG got a heavy blow and lost the game I
enjoyed it very much.My fault was that I should have spread
out my tanks even more. During this game the leading tank
got knocked out and blocked the narrow way for the rest
and the advance bogged down. Not good but a good experience.
The points were set to 1400.
Next gaming-session I feel that I need more "hills" and also
some more pine-threes and I have already started to make
these.Great fun ahead. :)



Last week I ran out of paint and an emergency occured.
I went for a visit to my parents and to buy at the local
hobby-store. Moving to the "country-side" has only one
disadvantage and that is when I run out of paint. :)
Arriving to the adress I discovered that they had moved
and was replaced by a second-hand store...
I entered and found some goodies. For only 10 Euros I
bought both fir and trees with leafes in plastic in the
28mm scale. very good indeed. I will make bases and
also give them a lick of the paint before I will use
them on the gaming table.
Next up was that when paying my finds I asked the woman
behind the counter if she knew where the hoby-stored
has moved and she replied: just around the corner.
Happy days and I bought my paint and also two figures
on sale (2 euros each).
Last but not least is that I will convert some Tau-robots
to mechas to be used in Sotr. I am not sure what I will
do with these because I must build them bigger to look
I will also convert my Chimera with a new Hydra-tower(AA) to
be able to give my friend Olle something to "talk" about
when he attacks my IG with gunships. :)
The B/W-picture is a model a friend of mine has made to
represent Autocannons in pairs.The rest of the sketch will
also be scratchbuilt to fit my chimera when finished.